Barometer: Favorite independent Triad movie theater?


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Leave a comment and tell us why. We’ll publish the results in next week’s Triad City Beat.



  • I go between happy and sad that, sometimes, I’m the only one watching a movie in Geeksboro. It’s nice to have a solitary theater, but, at the same time, there’s something to be said for the group viewing experience.

  • pizzaparty

    a/perture consistently plays the films and documentaries I want to see. Their convenient downtown location and wonderful selection at the concession make for a unique and delightful moviegoing experience.

  • In addition to top notch films, a/perture’s downtown venue is great and the attendees are, themselves, a great community to mingle with. A/perture frequently collaborates with the Riverrun Film Festival and other local initiatives making it even more enriching.

  • Allison

    I love a/perture – it always has been and always will be one of downtown’s “IN” spots…they have such a wide selection of films – literally, something for everyone. Located in the heart of downtown Winston Salem this independent theater is a “must try” for locals and out-of-towners. If the movies alone don’t convince you to visit, the friendly staff, awesome drink choices, and immaculate theater should!