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With Preyer Brewing opening imminently and the announcement of Mansfield Brewery’s plans this week (both in Greensboro), we’ve been talking about how many breweries the Triad can support.

The numbers above only cover the three Triad cities (so Red Oak in Whitsett and Four Saints in Asheboro aren’t factored in).

Tell us how much you think the Triad can support, and we’ll print the results in the next issue of Triad City Beat.


  1. The market isn’t at full flush yet, so I’m inclined to say more specialized and, well, better breweries will definitely make Greensboro a craft beer hot spot. Truly talented breweries like New Glarus, The Alchemist, Russian River, Evil Twin, and Northcoast create a market for themselves. It’s really an issue of quality, which many of the local breweries sorely lack with the exception of one or two individual beers by the lot of them. I mean, breweries like Pig Pounder are clearly “get rich quick” schemes putting out absolutely nothing worth drinking, Natty Greene’s ventures into the world of “good beer” maybe once every few years and for a short time (referencing its American Sour), and while Gibb’s is in its infancy it’s clear that it has great promise, its GPA is a solid 8.5/10, some of its other beers sorely come short in regards to flavor profile against desired style.

    A solution: instead of more breweries competing over market share, it would be nice to see a single less profitable brewery, initially, with more brewery staff creating risk-taking beers that may be game changers on a national scene. Like anything else, quantity, naming (calling yourself “craft” and disregarding quality, style, or craftsmanship), and blatant profit seeking need to go by the by. “If you build it (better), they will come.”

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