Barometer: Increase GSO council terms to 4 years?



Greensboro voters will decide a ballot referendum on Nov. 3 (the same Election Day as the Greensboro City Council) about whether to increase the length of city council terms from two years to four. The change would take effect in 2017. Do you support the idea? Tell us why or why not in the comments. [poll id=”54″]

We’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat.

  • Lex

    To be correctly structured, your poll needed to offer the following options:

    — No.
    — HELL, no.
    — Other (please explain): ______________________

  • Lex, can you say more about why you oppose it?

  • Brooke Neal

    I would ordinarily be for this change, but until the law suit is decided regarding Trudy Wade’s efforts to restructure the City Council is decided I am and will be unsure. Otherwise I would be for 4 year terms. If Greensboro loses and Wade wins I will probably be for 6 month terms. I don’t want to be stuck without a voice (or without at large members) for 4 years.

  • I’m actually “undecided” on this one. My instinct is to keep it at 2 years … but, at the same time, you look at voter participation rates, costs of elections, ability to get things done, decreasing campaigns (amirite?) … so, dunno. I’m persuadable.