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  1. My vote was for Bailey Park, but with concessions: I have not been there, I have not heard much about it from my circle of associates, and I truly can not say how well it is functioning for Downtown Winston-Salem. With that said, there is absolutely no way I can vote for any of the other projects as they are currently just that; projects. Some no more than conceptual drawings on a designer’s printout. Could some of the projects truly become transformative; and, do I wish that for them; yes. But, at this time it is all dialog and I can not call a project transformative if it never happens. A 3/4 mile stretch of Downtown Greenway with some randomly placed public art is not transformative. A muddy field with a fence around it may have “transformed” the lot, but is not transformative. Similarly, cleared lots where a glass and concrete performing arts center may be located, is not transformative. Even the progress on the Union Square Campus cannot be considered transformative until we, as a community, see how it ultimately affects it’s surroundings. For those who voted for uncompleted projects, I appreciate your passion in the support of an idea, a dream; but saying something about a dream only has weight when that dream is followed and completed. While my comments maybe construed as negative by those managing the projects, I can only stress that my passion to see all of these projects succeed in all three of these cities is incredibly deep. I just want to see the follow-through.

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