[poll id=”92″]There are calls for the NBA to boycott North Carolina for its planned 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte over the discriminatory HB2. Do you support the boycott? Tell us why or why not in the comments.


  1. I did vote Yes, but I’m also of the mind that believes ordinary citizens shouldn’t be further punished due to the actions of malevolent bastards in Raleigh. A boycott like this, while effective, can divert attention away from the problem’s source. What I support more than a boycott by the NBA is voting out the General Assembly members who supported HB2 in the first place. So yes, I feel that the NBA should stand against HB2 and its ilk as a national institution, but I also believe the NBA should operate with the understanding that HB2 will be thrown out by the time of the All-Star Game and hold off on a concrete cancellation until the 11th hour.

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