Barometer: Pick Greensboro’s new slogan


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Believe it or not, Greensboro doesn’t have a slogan/brand/catchphrase/tagline. Read more about the city’s lack of a cohesive marketing plan here, and help us pick a slogan for the Gate City. And please, suggest your own ideas in the comments!

  • briansmith01

    How’s this: “Dammit, to be the city that gave the world Albion Tourgee, Edward R. Murrow, and the sit-in movement, we still have a pretty crappy sense of progress.”

  • Elvis Himselvis

    Greensboro: Where Trudy Wade Is Not Welcome, But YOU Are!

  • “Greensboro: The Valium of Cities!”

  • Brian Dunphy

    We were the “Gate City” and “The Denim King”. Greensboro is known for The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Railroads, Quakers, The Cone denim industry, Greensboro Sit-In’s, Vicks Vapor Rub was invented here. So what now? I’m just going to have to go with Beer. Greensboro “The Beer City”.

  • Amy

    “Where the past and future meet the present.”

    “Central to Your Life.”

    “Centered around You.”

    “Our Gates are Open”

    “An Open-Gated Community”

    “Gates Up!”

  • Land of Trees

  • Jennifer Paa

    Greensboro. Give it time. We will grow on you.

  • We sell a tee at Hudson’s Hill and at Design Archives that reads “Greensboro. Not so bad after all.” That about sums it up!