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Believe it or not, Greensboro doesn’t have a slogan/brand/catchphrase/tagline. Read more about the city’s lack of a cohesive marketing plan here, and help us pick a slogan for the Gate City. And please, suggest your own ideas in the comments!


  1. How’s this: “Dammit, to be the city that gave the world Albion Tourgee, Edward R. Murrow, and the sit-in movement, we still have a pretty crappy sense of progress.”

  2. We were the “Gate City” and “The Denim King”. Greensboro is known for The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Railroads, Quakers, The Cone denim industry, Greensboro Sit-In’s, Vicks Vapor Rub was invented here. So what now? I’m just going to have to go with Beer. Greensboro “The Beer City”.

  3. “Where the past and future meet the present.”

    “Central to Your Life.”

    “Centered around You.”

    “Our Gates are Open”

    “An Open-Gated Community”

    “Gates Up!”

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