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  1. This issue is the result of 20-25 years of failed leadership. At one time, the city proposed to name a portion of the 311 Bypass after King but the state DOT shot it down for some reason. Instead of going back to the legislature to name the entire portion of the bypass within city limits (N. Main to south of the Baker Rd. underpass), the city has continued to bungle something that should be easy. If the bypass can’t be named after King, then, it should name the stretch of Montlieu Avenue from N. Main to N. Centennial after him since HPU has cut off the street between Centennial and College to build their pharmacy school. I went with #2 because Kivett being renamed could incite wounds that turn out to be anything but healable.

  2. It just seems symbolic either way without doing anything. I don’t think Rev King cared about being beatified, he cared about making a difference. The name is changed then … what? Everyone is happy and goes home? Instead of switching names (unless there’s some road named after some horrible 19th C racist), how about the council attacks the issues and puts MLK’s name on an ordinance that provides more jobs, helps chip away at social inequality, ensures less discrimination in public life, etc.

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