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  1. This is a one time only “SAVE” because if it is torn down, we will have nothing but gravel and S.Elm will look like an industrial park.

  2. Saving the Cascade is an imperative, not a choice. All too often, the path of least resistance, is the path taken and forever removes another link joining the past to the future. Like the Gate City, the Cascade stands at the crossroads of the city, linking Southside with Old Greensboro and Hamburger Square. The Cascade stands in defiance of time and expediency. The Cascade stands athwart a railroad empire that itself links us to our past and future even as the rumbling vibrations of heavy commerce and swift passenger Pullmans have tested the resolve of its earthquake bolts and heavy walls for more than a century. Failure to stabalize and ultimately rehabilitate this unique treasure would be a failure of vision and leadership. The leadership needed is not only that of the council, but all those that care about the past and future of Greensboro. At its heart, Greensboro is a working class city of entrepreneurs and a blue collar backbone, visionaries that built one of the most diverse cities in the state. A diverse economy and a diverse citizenry that continue to thrive and strive through thick and thin, cooperation and conflict. The city is woven of many threads yielding a tough fabric just like the durable denim of the Cone brothers. The Cascade is one of these threads and deserves its place in our future.

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