Barometer: What’s the best Triad record store?


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Tell us why in the comments! We’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat.

  • Lee mecum

    Best selection and Phred is super knowledgable about all things music!!

  • Spinfriend

    Underdog, without a doubt.

    • Teresa Wyatt

      underdog has got what you need to keep the beat !!!!!!!!!!

    • David


  • Robo

    Great selection, pricing and service! Phred is very knowledgeable and in tune with the record industry!

  • Peggy

    Underdog! By far, the friendliest and most knowledgable. A great environment with a cute pup to boot! My music haven.

  • Rick

    Phred is the best! He has it and if he doesn’t he’ll break his back to get it for you.

  • Is voting over? I came here to vote, and I can see the results, but I can’t vote. Anyway, my vote is for Earshot! Phred and the other guy (I wanna say Adam?) are both really nice and helpful…they always have great contests and are really knowlegeable about what’s going on music-wise in the area. If you’re looking for something to do, ask Phred because he knows where all the cool stuff is happening!

    • Weirdly, voting came up after I commented. FYI

      • Weird — we’re not sure how that happened and haven’t run into this problem before. Sorry about that!

  • Lee

    I enjoy going to Earshot. There is always a good mix of used and new vinyl. Phred and Adam do a nice job following up on those hard to find records you are trying to track down.

  • billy t

    Earshot is good if you want to buy record day things early and block out people who are willing to wait till the actual day. Any other location is my vote.

  • Jacob

    Underdog is the absolute best. Jon is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all things music and vinyl!

  • Peggy Boozer

    Underdog is fantastic!

  • Benjamin F. Bolick

    UNDERDOG ! ! ! Jonathan treats everyone like family.

  • Spencer

    Underdog is the best!

  • Sara Christie

    Underdog has the best vinyl selection in Winston-Salem by far! And there is no one nicer or more knowledgeable than Jonathan! Plus who can resist that precious mascot, Madge!

  • Sarah

    Underdog is hands-down the BEST record store in W-S! Incredible selection and Jonathan is the man!

  • Paul W

    Great atmosphere at Underdog everytime I’ve visited

  • Jessica Bolick

    Underdog is the only place I shop. Not only are the prices the best but I can call and have something held and special ordered. Then owner Jonathan isnt just the best shop owner ever but he becomes your friend! Looooove Underdog!

  • Ragan

    I have to vote for Underdog Records for the simple phact that Phred spells his name with a ph.

    • jollymon


  • Jack M

    Underdog because it embodies all that’s great about a true independent store: friendly owner who gets to know your tastes, fair prices, great selection.

  • Earshot Records in Winston-Salem. Owner is friendly and knowledgable and will special order for you

  • I adore Underdog, and supporting and watching this small but mighty record shop grow over its short history. Jonathan is friendly, fast, and his prices are absolutely fair, better than comparable and better-known independent record shops in Asheville.

  • Aimee M

    Underdog is the best record store in Winston. Jonathan is fantastic — friendly and professional. I really can’t say enough good things.

  • Dan

    Earshot has a great selection and very helpful staff.

  • jollymon

    price + selection + condition + personality = Underdog ūber alles!!

  • Lisa Millican

    Earshot of course!

  • Kim n.

    Underdog hands down

  • Joey

    Earshot! Hands down. They have such a great staff and records.

  • Randy Boozer

    Underdog of course!

  • Alan

    Underdog is the best.

  • Well, the link won’t let me vote. But if it’s worth anything CFBGs in Greensboro has a great selection, local art on the walls, knowledgeable staff, troves of dollar bins for the record hunter, and a great location surrounded by other local budding businesses.

  • Federico Pivetta

    I have been going to Earshot for quite a while and I always find something great. THey also have an excellent collection of new vinyl. Thanks to Phred and Adam.

  • Underdog!

  • Liz

    I can’t vote…but my vote goes to Underdog where I picked up my first Gram Parsons record.

  • Bob

    Earshot! Phred is a pro and lifer at the record store game, and he will find you whatever you need.

  • Michael

    Never had a bad experience at Underdog! The owner is always very helpful and engaging.

  • Eric

    Underdog Records every time. Jonathan is the absolute best.

  • Earshot, y’all! Great selection, Phred knows his stuff, and (unlike some other local shops [cough, cough] they know how to accurately grade vinyl records.

  • Tyler

    Underdog is definitely the best around. Jonathan makes you feel welcome and always has great music recommendations. Such a fun place to visit and there is always new stuff to check out.

  • Doug

    Earshot Records gets my vote. Phred is the man! Always the best selection of used vinyl.

  • Nelson

    Earshot it the best! They have the best selection and they carry CDs for when something is not available on vinyl.

  • Matt

    The best record shop is one that supports the discovery of new albums that help expand your collection and your musical experience. I am grateful for the excellent shops we have here in the Triad and their fantastic owners.