Barometer: What’s the Triad’s best growth industry?


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Tell us why in the comments! We’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat.

  • Dan

    While beer is a big business now, with all manner of craft breweries showing up, I think the triad has missed the boat on the beer-craze. Just like we did with food trucks and cupcakes.

  • Aviation and advanced manufacturing will have the largest and most sustainable growth for the Triad…. Also the Triad better get ramped up for automotive building skills. With Kia and Volvo looking for new US plants and with megasites being built in the Triad, we need to build the mega skills to build the mega talent pools.

  • While those are exciting and interesting growth sectors, the Triad’s largest and most sustaining sector will be in advanced manufacturing and aerospace.

    We need to start building the megaskills to fill the future megasites once Volvo, Kia or others choose the Triad.

    • Hey Joel,
      I just added aviation as an option to the list after you and another reader suggested it be on there.

  • Even though craft breweries have been popping up lately, the food trucks have been the real saving grace. The area’s biggest problem is that everything is either of mediocre quality or fancy food that is out of most people’s price range.

  • Louise Hudson

    It’s never too late to jump on the craft-beer bandwagon. It’s fun and yummy.