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Assume, for a minute, that you are loaded and looking to invest in one of the Triad cities’ downtown areas. After reading this week’s cover story, which downtown area would you choose to buy a building in, and why?

It requires great imagination for most of us, but indulge us, if you don’t mind.


  1. By process of elimination, the Camel City because it’s the liveliest and there are plenty of opportunities still to be had.

    The Gate City’s downtown progress is in the process of being reversed by unnecessary ordinances (those that have been proposed and those that have been enacted), incompetent leadership (see the never-ending DGI debacle), and power brokers trying to one-up each other (Roy Carroll’s efforts to reshape Greensboro and displace Jim Melvin in the process).

    As for the Furniture Capital, the dirty little secret is that downtown was lost in 1995 when Sears and Chick-Fil-A relocated to Oak Hollow Mall and the city just let the furniture makers gobble up the center city.

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