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The Rhino Times has a lot of terrible ideas, the latest one being a proposal to reduce the Greensboro City Council from nine seats to seven. After they floated the proposal, state Rep. Trudy Wade said she’d be willing to bring it up to the General Assembly. We want to know why you feel, as we do, that it’s a total load of crap.

Leave a comment if you feel like elaborating. We’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat, which comes out a day early, Dec. 23 thanks to a certain Christian holiday. #ThanksChristmas.


  1. Hartzman’s prepared statement on John Hammer, from last night’s City Council meeting

    “Please remove John Hammer from the press box, as he is not a reporter, but the propaganda arm of Carroll Companies, amongst others.

    John doesn’t deserve to sit where those in the press are ethically obligated to represent and disseminate some truth.

    John Hammer is not a journalist, but Roy Carroll’s lobbyist parading as a reporter performing non-random acts of cowardice.

    John specializes in unconscionable smear pieces aimed at Roy Carroll’s political opponents, while lining his pockets with the political campaign cash of Roy’s chosen few.

    Last week John wrote a column advocating for private inspectors who wouldn’t be subject to open records law to handle Roy’s downtown projects while leaving the less connected worse off, potentially saving Roy millions via crony approved shortcuts without public oversight, backed by Jim Barber.

    Two weeks ago, John wrote that Roy suggested cutting City Council from nine to seven to get more business people on Council.

    Last week he declined to name who’s idea it was, and that it is up to Trudy Wade and the other Carroll owned state legislators.

    Soon to be Roy Carroll, Koury, Kotis and Melvin backed mayoral candidate Mike Barber said it was a great idea, which was proudly circulated in the Rhino by Roy’s yellow boy John.

    Please take a seat outside the press box Mr. Hammer, as you have forfeited the right to your title, especially after your factual inexactitudes on Council redistricted election rigging for your benefactors at the expense of Greensboro’s taxpayers and our community.”

    • Hartzman is right, call him crazy or a problem child but Hartzman speaks the truth. You see John is no longer the annoying writer of conservatism propaganda, John now works for a local developer who makes money with the city. I will walk naked downtown if John had a story on Roy and he publish it and it meant Roy losing millions, don’t think I be walking downtown anytime soon. John works for Roy, plain and simple, Roy makes money with Council, how does this spark fair reporting on issues. The fact is Roy brought the paper as a tool to destroy who he wants and push who he wants.

  2. One other point about the current system that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere: Right now, with the 5-3-1 system, any individual voter can cast votes for a majority of the council — the voter’s district rep, the three at-large members, and the mayor. Pretty much any system except electing all members at large would eliminate that benefit.

  3. Normally, I find it enlightening to take in the opinions of those I disagree with. Then there’s the Rhino.
    The level of fear-mongering in Hammer’s latest piece (“City Council Re-opens Downtown Firing Range”) is deplorable and sickening. Hammer uses the recent shootings in South End to take aim at the city council, either not realizing or caring about how a headline like that affects local business in the area. Hammer and Carroll are no friend to the ‘Boro – they would much rather re-shape it in their own twisted image.
    The Rhino Times is more harmful to Greensboro and its residents than Autumn’s shooting scare.

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