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It is said that we are creatures of habit, and that certainly appears to be true when it comes to drinking. Be it returning to the same bottle of malbec we know won’t do us wrong or frequenting the same dumpy dive bars despite kinda hating them, it isn’t easy to break out of our patterns without some forethought and intentionality.

So I present to you a challenge. Pick one, or better yet, cut this column out and work your way through it over the year.

1. Catty-Corner

At the heart of what some call the “Whisky District” and others the “Bar-muda Triangle” is an oddly complementary yet eclectic collection of drinking establishments. The intersection of Walker and Elam avenues in Greensboro’s Lindley Park neighborhood teems with life, with a venue offering libations on every corner. Hit each of the four, with extra points for knocking one back at Walker’s or Suds & Duds. If it’s feeling crowded, grab something to go from Bestway’s beer wall.

2. Class Act

This one requires some deep pockets and may call for Uber. Start at Undercurrent, one of Greensboro’s finer establishments, and then make your way down the main drag, stopping at Liberty Oak along the way. Slip over the tracks and finish the evening at Table 16. By this point you might want a snack, so order something off the dessert menu.

3. Collegiate Cup

Most Triad colleges have a bar nearby that — while not technically affiliated — could serve as an unlicensed clubhouse even if students rarely drink there. Over the course of the academic year, hit each of the following bars at least once: Old Town (UNCG), Lulu’s or Q Lounge (Greensboro College), Boston’s House of Jazz (A&T), Stumble Stilkins (Elon Law) and Somewhere Else Tavern (Guilford College).

4. Battleground Binge

There are a surprising number of options on Battleground Avenue and Lawndale Drive. Some, though quite different, are close together such as Buckhead Saloon, Tap Room and 1618 Wine Lounge. Other choices including the Brass Taps and Southern Lights Bistro abound, so plan a route or wander through the parking lots.

5. Spring Garden Spread

There are two legs to this, which should be taken separately. The first cluster begins at Mother Tucker’s closest to UNCG — check out the Patch Whisky mural on the external wall — and continues at the Corner Bar and the popular Jake’s Billiards. The second, which we’ll call The Spectrum because of the spread of venues, includes Fat Dog’s, Hop’s and Josephine’s Bistro.

6. Brewers’ Battle

I saved this one for last because hopefully by the time you get to it, Preyer Brewing Co. and Gibb’s Hundred Brewing will be open. Start at Pig Pounder, a short drive from downtown on Battleground Avenue, and then park for the evening at Preyer. Walk it off on your way down Elm Street to Natty Greene’s, finishing at Gibb’s on Lewis Street. To receive full points for Natty Greene’s, you can’t order anything they distribute in stores; order something seasonal on tap.

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