BiiJ3K2CIAIZfVX We like to say that if we’re not having at least a little fun while running our own company, we’re doing it wrong. Sure, we take our role as watchdogs, critics and educators seriously, but we’re enjoying the hell out of it.

Hopefully you are too, but maybe one of you got a little carried away. Earlier this week we noticed that one of our distribution boxes, this lovely beat box here designed by a student at New Garden Friends School (complete with a handle welded onto the back!) was missing from its post on South Elm Street near MLK in downtown Greensboro.

We’re guessing that one of you decided to live your dream of being Radio Raheem and have been carrying this boom box on your shoulder around town, spreading the good word of TCB. In the words of our fearless leader Brian Clarey (who is mandating that the men in the office cut our hair to match his), we don’t even mind that much as long as whoever is enjoying it sends us a picture.

In all seriousness, this piece of functional art is missing, and we had to report it to the Greensboro Police Department. We’re hoping whoever borrowed the boom box for a photo shoot, decided it just had to go in their living room or worried that it was too cold at night will bring it back to us or it’s post soon, no hard feelings. And if you really want a box of your own, let us know and we’ll give you one to paint for yourself.

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