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Stephen White, the Greensboro man and gay veteran who was assaulted and set on fire at the Battleground Inn last weekend, has passed away.

Greensboro police spokesperson Susan Danielsen confirmed this afternoon that White has died. White, who was 46, was in critical condition at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem after the attack.

Police arrested 26-year-old city employee Garry Joseph Gupton at the scene for the vicious attack on White. He is currently being held in the Guilford County Detention Center in downtown Greensboro.

The two men met at Chemistry, a gay bar and club on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, last Saturday night, leaving and checking into the Battleground Inn together later that evening. The Greensboro Police Department does not consider the attack to be a hate crime based on the information gathered thus far, Danielsen said.

A drag show fundraiser tonight at Chemistry aimed at raising money for White’s medical bills as well as a fundraiser at Q Lounge happening now will continue, we’ve been told. So far more than $8,000 has been donated online in the last five days.

Triad City Beat continues to actively investigate the case. Look for a full article in the next print issue, which will come out on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Mayor Nancy Vaughan has posted a statement about White on her Facebook page, saying that she wanted to say something more personal than a press release. In it, she said her thoughts are with White’s long-time partner Alex Teal and that “Greensboro prides itself in being inclusive and diverse. I am fully committed to making Greensboro a safe place to live work and play for all residents.”


  1. This is deplorable. Unless there is a substantial piece of missing information, calling this anything other than a hate crime is absurd. Unfortunately that absurdity stems from the state’s definition of a hate crime. Federal intervention is desperately needed here – given that there is no chance of state legislative changes addressing the issue in time for the charges to be changed.

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