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The city of Greensboro will contract with two residents to help with its code enforcement operations including blogger Ben “the Troublemaker” Holder, according to documents obtained by Triad City Beat. The contract was signed on July 1.

City spokesperson Jake Keys said the city “routinely bids and retains contracts” for multiple services including nuisance and board-up work, testing and inspections, and code enforcement services.”

“In June the City issued a request for proposals (RFP) for code enforcement services,” he said in an email. “The purpose of this RFP was to further identify opportunities to strengthen the City’s housing, nuisance abatement, junked/abandoned motor vehicle and zoning ordinances. The two responsive bidders to the RFP were awarded contracts.”

Ben Holder and Greensboro Housing Coalition Executive Director Beth McKee-Huger received the contracts, according to Keys and the documents.

The contract with Ben Holder is for $45/hour for a maximum of 20 hours/week, and includes a $2,000 upfront payment made on July 1, city spokesperson Donnie Turlington said, while the contract with McKee-Huger is for a $12,000 total and is for a public outreach campaign.

If you’re a total wonk, you can read the full, signed contracts here:

Ben Holder's code-enforcement contract with Greensboro


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