Daily corona round-up


Are the weeks longer now? Shorter? Does it even matter?

It feels like nothing’s happening — like it’s December already and we’ve naught to show for it.

But things ARE happening.

Greensboro will form its first transgender task force.

Winston-Salem Forsyth schools are adding Spanish-language interpreters. (Bout time)

And then there’s the coronavirus, which has been with us this whole time.

The numbers

  • 5,303 new cases in North Carolina. The state “county alert system” hasn’t been updated in more than a week, but it looks liekw they’re coming in hot from the rural counties. And hospitals continue to trend upwards. 358,467 so far.
    • 5,467 dead (+57)
    • 2,157 hospitalized, a new high.
    • 11.2 percent positive test rate.
  • In Guilford County, 322 new cases today. That’s a lot. It makes 15,487 total, with 14,205 recoveries and 247 deaths (+1).
    • Of 1,033 current cases, 162 are hospitalized.
  • Forsyth County has 288 new cases — also a lot — for 14,180 total and one new death (169).
    • 2,341 current cases, more than double Guilford.

A diversion

It’s Friday! So here’s Thank God It’s Friday from 1978, starring Donna Summer. It’s about disco!

Program notes

  • Johannes Lingelbach’s 1651 work “Peasants Dancing” is obviously a precursor to the disco era. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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