Daily corona round-up

Belabored days

I skipped the update on Friday. Apologies. I went to the mountains instead.

Since I’ve returned, I’m having an awfully hard time suppressing my schadenfreude at the news of the Trump flotilla outside Austin, Texas, the one where five boats sank because of inhospitable conditions created by the larger vessels.

I mean, it’s just fucking perfect.

Trump will be in Winston-Salem tomorrow — check TCB for coverage — and he’ll probably mention these green-card holders charged with felony voter fraud.

The event will almost certainly go better than the boat parade.

The numbers

  • In NC we have 1,018 new cases today, after adding more than 5,000 since Thursday, our last update. New total: 177,919.
    • New recovery numbers: 156,652 (88.04 percent).
    • New death number: 2,920 (1.64 percent)
    • 18,347 existing cases, 765 hospitalized (4.17 percent)
  • Guilford County has 7,112 total diagnoses, with 4,123 recoveries (57.97 percent) and 164 dead (2,31 percent). Of the remaining 2,825 cases, 610 are hospitalized (21.59 percent).
  • Forsyth County has not updated its pages since Sept. 4, but I found 6,432 cases, at least 5,582 recoveries and 82 dead. I will do the math when they try harder.

A diversion

In light of the Gravy Seals disaster in Austin, let’s take a look at an other seafaring tale, the best of them all: Moby Dick, a wonderful novel that explores what happens when mere men confront a force of nature. Here’s the first film treatment of Herman Melville’s 1851 novel, a black-and-white feature starring John Barrymore in 1930 — a talkie!

Program notes

  • For tonight’s featured image, we have “View at Amalfi, Bay of Salerno” by George Loring Brown, 1857. . Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection. And hey: The Met is now open on Fifth Avenue in NYC, if you’re in town. Which is not very likely.
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