Daily corona round-up

Georgia devils

I’ve been watching the poll-watcher testimony down in Georgia this afternoon, and I could only take so much. One lady complained that it was cold. Another claimed someone copped her absentee ballot, but neglected to check on the state website as to the status of the vote she placed on Election Day — she said her mother called the “election center.” But all I could see was Rudy Giuliani’s bald head, and all I could think about was his penchant for uncontrollable farting.

Anyway, we got a new issue out today.

In the paper

The numbers

  • A record-setting day in North Carolina. 5,637 new cases — the Thanksgiving surge, more than 1,000 higher than our previous record, which was set 11 days ago. 353,966 total. 5,410 deaths.
    • Record hospitalizations: 2,101
    • 10.1 positive test rate. Down more than a point. Good tidings.
  • Guilford County says 133 new cases, 15,165. Seven deaths today for 246.
    • 14,032 recoveries; 885 active cases, 166 of them hospitalized.
  • Forsyth County adds 189 new ones, 13,892 total. 168 deaths (+0)
    • 11,521 recoveries; 2,203 active cases.

A diversion

We’ve all had a tough week, and we got one more day to go. So here’s an hour of Louis Armstrong playing a Berlin stage in 1965. There’s no ailment that Satch can’t cure.

Program notes

  • “Old Brewery at Five Points Mission,” a scene from New York City captured in 1870 by FA Mead, is a location central to the Scorsese film Gangs of New York. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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