Daily corona round-up

Impeached, again

Yep, once again Trump’s impeachment trial is headed for the Senate, proving that time is a flat circle. Senate Republicans are running the same playbook as last time: plausible deniability, obfuscation, genuine stupidity. Mark my words: They are gonna burn for this.

But the biggest election we’ve got in the Triad in 2021 is Greensboro City Council; jockeying has already begun.

Shit starts at noon, and I’ll be on it all day.

And before I get into the numbers, I’d just like to say: Fuck Mitch McConnell, the former Senate majority leader, who stalled the impeachment hearing on his watch, and then voted today for its unconstitutionality after Trump left office. I don’t believe in lizard people, but I still think McConnell is one of them.

The numbers

  • Downward trend! New cases today: 2,786, making 802,065. With 10,046 deaths, a grim milestone.
    • 9.3 percent positive test rate, trending up.
    • 280,422 fully vaccinated (+47,607). 1.391 million have had first dose.
  • Guilford: Up 290, making 36,226 total. Eight new deaths (435)5,205 active cases.
  • Forsyth: 153 new, 29,601 total. One new death (299).

A diversion

This is the video that impeachment prosecutors showed as evidence today: The Trump Insurrection, in all its glory. It’s worse than you remembered.

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