Daily corona round-up

Midweek bailout

This will be my last dispatch this week because, like everyone else, I will be Christmas-ing through the weekend. I’ll be back Monday to start tallying the holiday surge. But for now we’ve got the beginnings of a news dump, with more to come in the days ahead, certainly.

Some news

The numbers

  • In North Carolina, we add 5,609, making 494,511, with 39,042 of those testing antigen-positive. We will break a half-million by the end of the week.
    • 6,360 deaths.
    • 3,043 hospitalizations right now. Most ever.
    • 10.7 positive test rate, trending down.
  • Guilford adds 488. 20.983 total. One new death for 290
    • 3,769 active cases, 205 of them hospitalized.
  • 209 new cases (18,979) and five new deaths (212) hit Forsyth County today.
    • 3,025 active cases.

A diversion

Puddles at Christmas.

Program notes

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