Crafted owner issues challenge to restaurants… to benefit Urban Ministry


Fuller truckCrafted owner Kristina Fuller has issued a challenge to fellow restaurant owners, and several have already replied. And while it’s food related, it has nothing to do with some sort of cooking competition.

Fuller heard that Greensboro Urban Ministry is running very low on food in its pantry, and is calling on restaurants to join her in donating.

“As a restaurant owner I know that a lot of times when we change our menus and do away with certain menu items we have certain products on the shelf that end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust,” she said. “I’d like to call on them to donate those things that are just sitting around.”

Josephine’s, Hops Burger Bar, Jake’s Billiards, Fincastles and Lindley Park Filling Station have already donated. Fuller asked Performance Foods, which is based in Winston-Salem, to match her $250 order for Urban Ministry, and the company agreed.

Fuller said she is trying to fill up the bed of her Ford F-150 truck with donations to bring to Urban Ministry on Monday, adding that it is already half full. She invited individuals to donate as well and drop items off at Crafted in downtown Greensboro, and said she is willing to pick up larger orders from people or restaurants in her truck.

“As many restaurants as there are in Greensboro, we’re definitely off to a great start, but we could definitely have a lot more than we’re at now,” she said. “I think it’s important that we make sure that those who are less fortunate are fed. Sometimes those of us who are business owners should be the first to step up because we’re able to do that.”

Anyone interested in donating can reach Fuller at [email protected]

UPDATE (8/25 at noon): Fuller said that thanks to more donations, the goal of filling the truck has been reached!