Duke Energy canceled a community meeting originally scheduled for tonight in Greensboro’s Lindley Park neighborhood after it postponed plans for a “voluntary tree growth management program,” according to the city.

The meeting would have focused on Duke’s plans to use Cambistat to stunt the growth of trees on public and private property near its power lines in a dozen neighborhoods, including several immediately west of downtown, according to an announcement posted by the Lindley Park Neighborhood Association.

A press release posted by the city this week did not say whether Duke Energy plans to continue pursuing the plan and if so, when. The release quotes Davis Montgomery, a Duke Energy district manager, on the company’s plans:

“If we decide to move forward with this voluntary program, we will reschedule the meeting to ensure property owners have an opportunity to receive factual information about the program, how it works, the benefits and related safety information,” he said.

Residents in several of the neighborhoods that would’ve been impacted catalyzed a new tree trimming ordinance after Duke Energy’s cuts near power lines almost a year and a half ago.

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