College Hill Sundries isn’t the type of bar that typically burns incense. But starting around Christmas, that’s changed.

The bar is a dive near UNCG in Greensboro, known for dollar-beer nights and packed karaoke. And now, it’s starting to be known for something else.

The commonly held belief among regular divers here is that something died, underneath the bar, around the end of 2013 [Triad City Beat has not attempted to crawl under the building and check the legitimacy of the rumor]. Some nights since then a stench has been pungent, others hardly noticeable through the smell of sweaty post grads and the wafting incense.

The smell was obviously too much for someone though, and now there’s a Facebook page called “CollegeHill Rodent.”

From the profile: “This page is a petition to give me and my buddies a proper burial. We crawled through the cracks for sweet, tasty, sticky beer. The good stuff! But alas, it was a trap! We don’t want to stink up the place. Please remove our poor, bloated bodies and return us to the earth so we may proceed to rodent heaven!”

The lil guy already has 123 Facebook friends.

“CollegeHill Rodent” is a fan of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Danger Mouse and Modest Mouse, among others. And apparently it went to Speedy Gonzales Academy and recently turned 24. Happy birthday, I guess?


[Photo: The Facebook profile picture]

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