Long time Rhino Times columnist (and brief Yes Weekly columnist) Scott Yost likes to give out proverbial awards in his column at the end of the year. Dubbing them “Yosties,” the column is meant to have a sense of humor, as evident from its header this year: “Yosties 2014: Bigger, better and more objective than ever.”

Cheesy, sure, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

This year, Yost decided to name “the hottest Guilford County director.” Maybe that’s something he does every year — I wouldn’t know because I don’t really read the Rhino — but regardless the item is too absurd to ignore.

In it, Yost names Catherine Johnson, the new head of the Family Justice Center for the county, as his winner. And the Rhino Times ran a photo of her from her ankles up to make its case.

“She is smokin’ hot and made this an easy call this year,” Yost wrote.

Look, I’m all for having some fun in a year-in-review issue or a lighthearted column, but are you serious?

It gets worse.

Yost also handed out an award for the “smartest Guilford County director.” You already know where this is going, don’t you?

Yep. In a predictable move, Yost gave the honor to a man — Joe Raymond, the head of health & human services for the county.

I don’t doubt that Raymond is smart, or that, as Yost wrote, he is a “Harvard product who talks fast and uses a lot of 50-cent words.”

Oh, and Yost also named the three hottest local newscasters.

“Stephanie [Ando] has a really pretty smile and you just get the feeling when she’s doing the news that she is very at peace as well as very beautiful,” he wrote. “Runners up, Veronica White, WXII. Something about her really works for me. And ditto for Jackie Fernandez, who you can find on News 2. Usually blondes steal this category left and right, but this year brunettes swept for some reason.”

Later in the article, when discussing the Atlantic Coast Conference’s expansion, he manages to squeeze in a favorable mention of the growing Playboy “Girls of the ACC” photo section as well.

It’s times like this that I wish that unfortunate publication had remained a bar rag, or would at least be held to account by Greensboro residents to stop publishing such brazen, sexist trash. We deserve better.


  1. Is Yost the guy that writes for that high school publicaton, the Whino? Sexist, is his. Attractive. No. More like roadkill. Now, this is adult journalistic quality.

  2. I actually wasted my time going through Yost’s article. His chauvinism and egocentrism are proudly flaunted throughout the piece. As if Yost were blessing us with his simple definite statements over complex issues. Take as examples his implication that the Ferguson riots were triggered by alcohol or the comparison of the civil rights museum with a hot potato.
    Yet this type media continues to sell. A target market of alpha males (or wannabe alpha males) who refuse to let go of power but do not want to scratch their noggins too hard. This clientele does not need to worry, as Mr. Yost is there to save them from neuron fatigue. With this cow digested package of information provided by Yost and an added element of loudness, you too will win an argument against the people that are ruining everything.

  3. Well I think strictly speaking we deserve nothing. But we can sure hope for more. The truth is the Rhino Times writes for those who think that way. And vote that way. Happy New Year and Thirteenth Night to all.

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