The Gate City boasts three college radio stations, but even casual listeners know that the content/production value is often sophomoric (zing!).

Not so with a new show, called Greensboro ON, broadcast on Guilford College’s station (90.9 fm WQFS) and posted on SoundCloud. Produced by Mary Heisey, this new radio spot is professional and well thought out.

The first episode focuses on the theme of transitions, split into three segments featuring interviews with different people connected to the college. It cohesively ties disparate narratives together, and while at points the pacing is a little too fast (it might benefit from longer musical interludes to let listeners catch up), it’s the most impressive thing I can remember listening to on college radio. Like, ever.

It’s incredibly tedious to put together an audio piece of this length, particularly with pre-recorded interviews, narration, and so on. But Heisey executes masterfully.

Greensboro ON is a natural, engaging and unique program that is on par with what listeners may be used to hearing on public radio or professional podcasts, and especially given that this is only the first episode, it’s incredibly promising.


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