The second annual Greensboro Bound Literary Festival comes to the Gate City this weekend through the efforts of Scuppernong Books and crew, who gathered more than 90 authors for this year’s four-day literary extravaganza. There are readings, workshops, panels and parties, all dedicated to the written word.

We’ve teased out some of the more compelling events, and our lead story was a natural — a visit from Ani DiFranco is surely big news in the Triad, especially since she’s with local hero Rhiannon Giddens. 

But in between the big-name ticketed events you’ll find untold chapters of history, writing advice, emerging genres and perhaps even some performances. Like books themselves, all the good stuff is between the pages. 

by Lauren Barber, Cason Ragland, Savi Ettinger, Jordan Green, and Sayaka Matsuoka

  • Ani DiFranco, No Walls and the Recurring Dream with Rhiannon Giddens
  • Amy Reed, #WeNeedDiverseBooks with Miranda Paul and Lamar Giles
  • Soniah Kamal, Contemporary Muslim Writing with Huda al-Marashi
  • Ross Gay, Whose I Is It? with Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, Michael Gaspeny, Tyree Daye.
  • Gale Greenlee, Afrofuturism with Michele Tracy Berger, Sheree Renee Thomas.
  • Wiley Cash, with Catherine Venable Moore. Music by Laurelyn Dossett.
  • Bill Konisberg, Writing about Sexuality and Identity with Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, Brian Belovitch.
  • Jeremey Whitley, Marvel, Magic and Mayhem with Brian Smith and Chris Giarrusso 
  • Adam Parker, Outside Agitator with Cleveland Sellers
  • Valerie Nieman, The Real and the Unreal, Speculative Fiction I, with Michele Tracy Berger and Jamey Bradbury

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