Every year Guilford College’s student newspaper, the Guilfordian, prints an issue the week of April 1 called the Goofordian. Often full of lighthearted jokes and mild satire, this year’s paper includes biting criticism of outgoing President Kent Chabotar.

In a fake letter, Chabotar apologizes repeatedly for prioritizing a bloated administration rather than properly compensating faculty and staff, reinforcing “the cycle of progressive institutions making lofty claims to make themselves look good with no intention of following through.”

“It was an insult to the intelligence of the workers of this school to try and come off as a president who prioritized faculty and staff salaries after years and years of neglecting salary raises,” the fake letter reads. ” To try in my final year to ‘advocate’ for greater faculty compensation was a painfully transparent ploy to come off as a president for whom salary equity was a priority.”

The letter takes shots at a variety of issues and incidents related to the president, who will continue teaching political science classes after a sabbatical. Like previous generations of students, the Guilfordian staff criticize Chabotar’s school-funded Lexus which he ha explained in the past is only partially covered by the college. But the article is far from a parade of familiar and casual critiques: read it in full here.

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