by Eric Ginsburg
Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed?

Sure, ordering from a company that specialized in breakfast delivery would still require you to get up and answer the door, but that’s why pajama pants were invented.

This is one of my better business ideas, but I’m tied up with Triad City Beat. So let me spell it out so one of you can capitalize on it:

There are two potential models — either several businesses with different breakfast specialties (chicken and waffles, biscuits, bagels, etc.) pooling resources for a shared delivery system or a new, breakfast-forward restaurant with a delivery focus.

Why? Because we know how important breakfast is but many of us don’t take the time to eat it in the morning. Because fast food is primarily garbage. Because cereal and toast are horribly drab. Because I’m a champ at poaching eggs but I bet you aren’t. And because brunch is the best thing ever invented.

Obviously it wouldn’t be limited to home orders — imagine a legitimate coffee and a breakfast burrito being delivered to your office to begin the day.

Ideally the breakfast delivery company would have an app and online order system allowing people to place orders in advance, like at 3 a.m. when you know Mexican eggs and a biscuit will be necessary to cure your hangover in the morning. Or at 6 a.m. when there’s no time to run out but there’s nothing at home for the kids to eat before school.

And then there’s also the romantic gesture, be it for a forgotten anniversary or an unplanned tryst. You might want to try a little harder for an important occasion, but it would do in a pinch. For the morning after playing host and no time to prepare a proper meal, it could be ideal.

When was the last time you brought someone breakfast in bed? Or treated yourself?


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