by Eric Ginsburg

I see no reason that the so-called furniture capital of the world shouldn’t also be home to the world’s largest game of musical chairs.

It’s a dumb game, really, one that I never liked playing. It’s totally cheesy and admittedly boring wholesome “fun,” which is exactly why it’s well suited for High Point.

I kid. But in reality, if the city government is going to get on board, any idea probably does need to be watered down to child’s play, making this proposal a great fit for High Peezy.

So how about this — the people of Furniture Market, with the help of local Pointers, hold the world’s largest game of musical chairs, giving the Third City something to celebrate, a way into the Guinness Book of World Records and some good, clean press for a city that could sorely use some positive energy.

What takes this beyond the dopey childhood game is the abundance of high-quality furniture. Picture a chaise lounge next to an artisan wooden stool. Will all of the seats hold up through the hundreds of rounds required to make this the world’s largest game? At what point do participants begin to collapse? How many people will quit to use the bathroom? By the final rounds, it would be more of a spectator sport than anything, giving the proposition added appeal.

It’s admittedly a stupid, simple idea, and one that I most certainly will not participate in — which should probably bar me from putting it forward. But the concept is actually basic enough to execute and it’s a way for people to try tons of chairs, to convince people to stare at your product for an extended period of time, and after a couple free drinks at Furniture Market parties, it just might be fun.

The Furniture Market game of musical chairs could be a biannual recreational event, or it could function as a one-off, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. First we need to find some people — kids, maybe? — who will participate.


  1. Fantastic idea! And then donate the chairs to The Barnabas Network … a Guilford County-based furniture bank that provides home furnishings to people moving out of homelessness and into their own homes … Love it!

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