The men of Triad City Beat were overcome when we read about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s mandate that male university students all cut their hair like him. Before the more well-sourced articles caught up with the raging internet link bait, we committed ourselves to action. Following the lead of our own fearless leader Brian Clarey (who is a little too distracted to be authoritarian but does have some pretty strong feelings on comma usage), we cut, shaved and dyed our hair in an act of solidarity with the North Korean student body.

Okay to be fair, we’re journalists and we were smart enough to realize from the jump that the story was almost certainly BS, but we’re hoping to catch a burgeoning hipster wave before the hairstyle is passé. We’re not sure if the kids in Brooklyn, Oakland or art schools everywhere have pulled out the scissors yet, but we’re pretty confident that after the Triad gets a look at us, the craze will begin.

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P.S. Happy April 1.

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