1. ‘Left Toe Nail’ artwork sign & dated by artist — $7,444

I must admit that I have, for the most part, gravitated towards Amazon, Groupon and Etsy when it comes to my commercial online-shopping needs. But I still like to hit up eBay every now and then, because where else can I find a signed left toenail claiming to be a piece of art? The “artist,” Kenny Irwin, has a sculpture entitled “Santa’s Casino Stealth Bull” that earned him a certificate of recognition from US Rep. Raul Ruiz. He has work that has been featured in the Baltimore Modern Art Museum and New York Times. The toenail is infused with layers of paint flecks that dripped on the artist toes during the creation of other works. And for a few thousand it could make an amaze-balls gift for you or that special someone in your life.

  1. 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz — $99,990

This 2-door, pearl-white convertible beauty can be bought using cash in person, a cashier’s check, money order or a loan check from an eBay financing institution. When did those come into existence?

  1. Zombie Apocalypse 5000w solar hybrid generator system — $3,700

Honestly, they are just solar panels. The brand is not called Zombie Apocalypse and we can safely say the words are used to simply sell an item. It’s a cool heading to come across until you realize that there is no additional discussion of zombies beyond the title. It’s like Sour Patch Kids candy, sweet and sour at the same time.

  1. German marzipan fruit molding machine — $22,950

Did you ever think that these little detailed pieces of edible fruit impersonators were designed by someone sitting for hours to design them by hand? Wrong! And Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

  1. Hand-crafted Taoist temple doors — $3,680,817

The seller of these doors describes this rare treasure as having the exact dimensions as the doors that were once on the main entrance of the Beijing Temple of Heaven and were destroyed in a terrible fire. And these particular doors are said to be original and old. But the original to what exactly? And just who made said doors?

  1. 19th Century camel scrotum gunpowder flask — $200

Eww! Who made this and why?

  1. Guided mountain goat hunt in southeast Alaska — $8,000

The 7- to 10-day trophy hunts are said to occur where some of the largest bodied goats in the world are located. The group also offers late-season, longhaired goat hunts at low elevations and river bottoms, and a 14-day brown bear and mountain goat hunts for $16,000.

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