by Eric Ginsburg

  1. Michael Daye

One of the best things about this job is being able to write about whatever I want to address. That means that I occasionally like to take advantage of this soapbox to say things like this: Greensboro native Michael Daye, one of the greatest and most solid people I know, has moved to the Atlanta. This dude was the best roommate ever to me for the last three and a half years, and while I miss him like whoa, I’m really proud of him for landing this job he’s excited about and leaving all he’s ever known for this opportunity. Cheers.

  1. Interns

We’re interviewing about 10 intern candidates this week for Triad City Beat’s editorial internship. Students from Salem College, UNCG, Guilford College, High Point University and Forsyth Tech applied, as well as a number of nonstudents. I’m looking forward to bringing someone on to the team, and I’m glad that the diversity of applicants suggests our reach has grown.

  1. Lilac Shadows

I made a rare venture out to a house show last weekend — my polite Facebook “maybe” responses to events is the butt of jokes from friends who note I almost never say yes. But I’m glad I turned out to see Lilac Shadows, a Triangle indie-rock band with two former Gate City residents. Unfortunately I missed most of the opening set by Echo Courts, which features our intern Kelly Fahey. Headliners Jenny Besetzt were loud enough that I thoroughly enjoyed them from the porch.

  1. Panther Baby by Jamal Joseph

I’m about halfway through this book by former Black Panther Jamal Joseph, one of the famous Panther 21 in New York. I find reading about the Black Panther Party fascinating, including Joseph’s account of participating as a young teenager. Be it this book or one of the many others, everyone should pursue a greater understanding of this organization with tremendous historical significance.

  1. Swaims

I’ve been curious about the small Winston-Salem bar that is also bizarrely described as a grocery for a while now, and this week I finally stopped in. At first overwhelmed by how small it is, I ultimately developed an affinity for it and will be back to write about it for Barstool before long.

  1. Taylor Swift

Can I just say that Taylor Swift is currently the nation’s greatest celebrity? Yes, yes I can. And I mean it. No explanation is necessary.

  1. Events this week

There are a number of things this week that I’m excited are happening, including the Krankies Craft Fair and a NoshUp event at Agni Indian Kitchen in Greensboro that I wrote about a while back. Plus, Triad City Beat will be setting up shop at the Hoots Flea Market this Saturday. Oh, and Elf is showing at A/perture on Friday.

  1. Police violence protests

I covered four protests in Greensboro last week after the grand jury decision not to indict any of the officers in the choking death of Eric Garner in New York City, and spent a lot of other time following demonstrations around the country. In Durham, a close friend was thrown on the ground by her hair at a demonstration, but police haven’t attacked protesters on my beat.

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