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Local conservative activists prepare for violent confrontation with Islam

Tom Jones (left) gave a presentation on "Islamization of America," but his audience was already familiar with the material. (photo by Jordan Green)

A consortium of tea partiers, patriot groups and other conservative activists gathered in a private dining room at a seafood restaurant in Kernersville on Thursday evening for a presentation on a supposed Muslim plot to conquer the United States.

The 20 or so people who attended the meeting at Captain Tom’s Seafood needed little convincing from presenter Tom Jones, who soldiered through frequent interruptions about supposed Muslim treachery paired with testimonials about preparedness for violent confrontation and even expressions of readiness to kill Muslims.

“Do you have any recommendations as to how we could stop this?” asked Frank del Valle, a Winston-Salem resident whose Facebook page identifies him as a retired federal employee and native of Cuba, near the end of the hourlong presentation. “Because my only recommendation is to start killing the hell out them.”

Del Valle’s outburst spurred a variety of responses from the group.

Robert Goodwill, who identified himself as a member of the national security advocacy group Act for America, took an optimistic tack with the recent election of Donald Trump, adding, “We’re on our way.”

Another man, who did not identify himself, said, “I want to start doing something instead of talking about it all the time.” He added, “I’m in a group. I’m not going to tell you what group I’m in.”

“Talking is going to start the conversation,” Jones insisted. “We all have to find a way to proceed. This is my way of contributing.”

Del Valle said his views on Islam have been shaped by his longstanding opposition to the Castro regime in Cuba.

“I’m the kind of guy — my country was lost to the communists,” he said. “For a long time I saw how they achieved that. And the Muslims are doing the exact same thing. So I am very aware of that. I have been talking about that for a long time.”


Goodwill continued to try to talk del Valle down, arguing that the tide is turning.

“Political correctness is being thrown away,” he said. “A lot of people are meeting like this. We’re making progress in the positive direction.” He argued for supporting reformers in the Muslim faith, adding, “We need to talk about how we can get things done peacefully. Be ready for the worst.”

“I am beyond that point,” del Valle replied. “I’m ready to start taking people out.”

“I can understand that,” Goodwill said. “But we’re not there yet.”

Earlier in the presentation, del Valle quipped, “Shed some blood, too,” in response to Jones’ call to “shed some light” on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Del Valle declined a request for an interview to clarify his comments late Friday.

A percussionist, del Valle is a founding member of West End Mambo, a renowned Latin jazz and dance group based in Winston-Salem, but is no longer listed as an official member of the group.

“I’ve known Frank for a long time, but it’s always about music,” said Cesar Oviedo, West End Mambo’s musical director and arranger. “I never engaged with him in any political conversations. I can see that he sympathizes with right-wing stuff on Facebook.”

Del Valle’s comments about “killing the hell” out of Muslims were preceded by a warning from Jones about that the true danger to the United States is not necessarily al-Qaida, ISIS and other outwardly extremist groups that carry out spectacular acts of violence that garner widespread media coverage. People should be more concerned about Muslims who appear to be moderate and integrated into American society, he said.

The focus of his presentation centered on the Muslim Brotherhood, a culturally conservative organization founded in Egypt in 1928 that has established branches throughout the Middle East and North Africa, with members also emigrating to Europe and the United States. One of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international organization, known as the Tanzeem, an Egyptian named Youssef Nada, established a bank that was accused by the US Treasury Department of financing al-Qaida. The focal point of suspicion against the organization is the discovery during a 2001 police raid in Switzerland of a 1982 document known as “The Project,” which was the subject of 2012 documentary by the same name produced by conservative media personality Glenn Beck.

“Some commentators have portrayed this document as evidence of the Brotherhood’s sinister project to take over the Western world,” Alison Pargeter, an expert in North Africa and the Middle East, wrote in her book The Muslim Brotherhood: The Burden of Tradition.

The 12 points in the document include the pledges: “To use diverse and varied surveillance systems, in several places, to gather information and adopt a single effective warning system serving the worldwide Islamic movement, and “To reconcile international engagement with flexibility at the local level.”

Pargeter wrote, “In spite of the allegations, this document is a fairly mundane wish list and would appear to be largely an expression of intent that reflects the ambitions and optimism of the time.”

The author told Triad City Beat in an email: “For my part, this document has been completely overblown and the idea that the [Muslim Brotherhood] has some sort of plan to Islamicize and take over the West is ridiculous in the extreme.”

Reading from notes on a yellow legal pad in the dining hall at Captain Tom’s, Tom Jones outlined a set of charges that wove mundane day-to-day happenstance with unsubstantiated claims about Muslim subversion of the American court system.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is behind all that terrorism and violent acts, but they’re also here operating in America in a very stealthy mode,” he said. “They’ve infiltrated the judiciary. They have judges that are elected to the bench. These judges are expected to make rulings from the bench here in America according to sharia law even though it’s not a sharia court. If you’ve got a Muslim judge he’s required to try you under sharia law. These people are in high positions of influence often behind the scenes in government, academia, medicine, the media. How many of you have been to a hospital and seen the doctors that are running around in the hospital?”

“Yeah,” one of the guests at Captain Tom’s Seafood replied. “They’re not American.”

“These people start Islamic organizations,” Jones continued. “They build mosques. They build Islamic schools. They work with the progressive left in this country to advance their own agenda. And the progressive left like Obama and Hillary Clinton and that ilk, they’re all tied into this Brotherhood stuff. The Brotherhood helps them and they help the Brotherhood.”

Midway through his talk about so-called “cultural jihad” or “stealth jihad,” Jones was interrupted by a cascade of commentary from the group.

“I don’t know if everyone knows this, but the person who organized the Women’s March is Muslim — believes in sharia law,” said Robert Watkins, a former North Carolina field director for the Koch brothers-backed Americans For Prosperity who is active with the evangelical voter mobilization group Faith and Freedom Coalition, according to his Facebook page. Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the Women’s March who is Muslim, spoke on the same night during a panel discussion at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem.

“All those women who showed up in DC who appear to be mainstream and supported her, raved about how she’s so great don’t realize that she’s the same one who agrees with sharia law and will be person who stands beside ’em and also the same person who slices their neck,” Watkins said.

Watkins went on to mention US Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of US Congress who is a candidate to lead the Democratic National Committee.

“He is trying to assimilate others to the culture,” Watkins said. “That’s what Keith Ellison is doing. That’s why he didn’t take an Arabic name.”

An unidentified man in the audience chimed in: “Just as an aside, Keith Ellison’s brother is the chair of the Forsyth County Democratic Party.”

“Wow!” another man exclaimed. “Are you serious?”

“It’s here,” Jones said. “It’s in this town.”

Eric Ellison, the local Democratic Party chair, said on Friday that he wasn’t surprised to learn there was a group in the local area that was so violently opposed to Islam.

“It’s a little bit scary that they speak of violence and committing murder in open forums,” he said. “I guess we realize that terrorists come in all forms and fashions.”

During his presentation, Tom Jones made assertions about “training centers” operated by the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States since the early 1980s digressed into a wide-ranging discussion about mosques in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area, including Annoor Islamic Center in Clemmons.

“They’re already operating a madrassah there,” Jones said. “That all happened under the radar. The way I understand that that mosque happened is they had an American guy, a white guy buy that property. It was supposed to be a church. Guess what? He sold it to some Muslims to build a mosque there. Now they’re operating a madrassah.”

Another guest, who is unidentified, noted that there is a mosque on Waughtown Street in Winston-Salem, referencing the Community Mosque of Winston-Salem.

“There’s mosques being built all over the place,” Jones said, attempting to get the presentation back on track. “We’ve got to keep our eye on them.”

While del Valle was the only person at the meeting who explicitly advocated violence, others emphasized preparedness.

Elizabeth Hawkins, who attended the meeting with her husband, Mike, said they don’t call themselves a “militia,” but rather “patriots” or “preppers.” The Hawkins and other members in Yadkin County had previously conducted firearms training twice a month, but are now down to one day a month. They also operate ham radios and are interested in learning to sew up wounds. Hawkins also said her group vets prospective members before allowing them to join.

“We continue to prepare ourselves,” Hawkins said. “Even though things have kind of smoothed out with Trump, I still think we’re headed for a big fallout with the money issue.”

Jones repeatedly chided the audience to get serious.

“I don’t know how you say ‘deep doo-doo’ in Arabic, but we’re in it,” Jones concluded. “We’re in deep doo-doo, ya’ll. This is serious stuff. This is not games. These people do not play. If I put a gun to your head and ask you what you believe, you may not be able to tell, but I guarantee you these people can tell you what they believe.”

Del Valle had a ready reply: “I’ll shoot ’em before they can ask me.”

UPDATE: Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says the organization “will be issuing a call for a state and federal probe of the calls to violence.” (Saturday, Feb. 18, 10:21 a.m.)


Full audio of a presentation by Tom Jones on “Islamicizing America” at Captain Tom’s Seafood in Kernersville, Feb. 16, 2017 (1 hour 10 minutes 2 seconds)


9:39 — Discussion about Rep. Keith Ellison

10:10 — “Just as an aside, Keith Ellison’s brother is the chair of the Forsyth County Democratic Party”

30:35 — “We could not have this meeting if Hillary were elected.”

30:57 — Discussion about former CIA Director John Brennan

32:41 — Discussion about how supposedly Barack Obama can lie without shame

33:07 — “… the person who organized the Women’s March is Muslim…”

37:56 — Additional discussion about Rep. Ellison

48:48 — “We all know that Obama’s Muslim…”

51:11 — “Shed some blood, too.”

55:43 — Discussion about Annoor Islamic Center in Clemmons

57:31 — Discussion about Community Mosque of Winston-Salem

58:00 — Discussion about Nation of Islam

1:01:57 — “The Muslim Brotherhood is behind all that terrorism and violent acts…”

1:03:26 — “Do you have any recommendations as to how we can stop this?”

1:03:48 — Discussion about Rep. Virginia Foxx’s son in law

1:04:15 — “I want to start doing something instead of talking about it all the time.”

1:04:33 — “I am beyond that point.”

1:09:04 — “I don’t know how you say ‘deep doo-doo’ in Arabic…”

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  1. I’m sorry you had to write this piece, Jordan. I’m also grateful you wrote it. You ventured into a hate-filled filled room and exposed the haters. That, my friend, is an act of courage. Thank you!

  2. My god, it must be exhausting to go through life so pants-crappingly afraid of everything and everyone who isn’t exactly like you. If our boys who fought in WWII had known what a bunch of whiny-assed pansies their children would turn out to be, they’d have castrated themselves right there on the beaches of Normandy.

    • If they had known that their sacrifice to stop a totalitarian and genocidal movement would have been in vain because their children would have been willfully blind and would spread out a welcome mat to another totalitarian and genocidal political movement, they would be sick to their stomachs, but they would have done what was right and killed some Nazi’s.

    • Oh yeah, you’re right. 911 didn’t happen. ISIS isn’t real. There is no movement for a world-wide caliphate and Iran didn’t just test a missile for carrying a nuclear payload.
      Gay people weren’t recently gunned down in Atlanta by a pro-muslim guy.

      You’re right….there is no foundation in reality.

      Wait, here’s a list that proves your point…

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c2d5f26f852007a34812bc413f71fac9cc1dd5bf334c87370b1607db6d27ead.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2be4f5fc1e34a83cf6c1601f23b91973a61b6d0cb1c6a098bee4e3f3220851a2.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d9808939fc2c0fa3c6498dc6601a93a46d4373b1cd5713cdff5b578957b30a9e.png

      • You’re getting your mass shootings mixed up. The shooting in Atlanta was done by a white man at a black church. A white man was also responsible for the mass shooting in a movie theater in Colorado. A white man was responsible for the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. A white man was responsible for the mass shooting involving Sen. Giffords in Arizona. A white man was responsible for blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma City. But yeah, those brown outsiders, that’s who we should be afraid of.

        • Correction….Orlando, not Atlanta. Yes it did happen.

          James Homes….a mentally disturbed individual who had been obsessed with killing for over a decade…possibly suffering schizophrenia. Yeah, he was your Colorado theater killer. Yeah, he was white….and what does that have to do with it? He didn’t target blacks, so you can’t assume he was racially motivated.

          Dylann Roof….mentally disturbed child of divorce who abused drugs….just an accident waiting to happen. Yes, he was white…and? Sure, he was an acknowledged racist, but his victims were also Christians, so he could have also harbored some anti-religious views as well.

          Adam Lanza…..another mentally ill individual, possible sufferer of schizophrenia killed kids of all color…not racial motivated, even though he was white…..and?

          Jared Loughner….Kathy Giffords shooter…..possibly mentally unstable atheist whose politics were radical hard left at the time of the shooting….yes, he was also white, but so was Giffords……so what?

          Ok, these four mentally unstable guys killed 47 people….for a variety of their own, twisted personal reasonings.

          Now, did you look a the list of deaths at the hands of radical islamists in America since 1972?

          By my count: approx. 3016 dead

          All motivated by a barbaric political/religious philosophy….radical Islam.

          47 to 3016….but of course there is no foundation in fact for being concerned at all…..

          By the way doofus, you are the one trying to interject race to strengthen your weak argument and make it about racism rather than a political/religious philosophy that directs its adherents to commit violent acts of murder.

          • I think it just goes to show that white men by nature are mentally unbalanced and prone to violence. (And I’m sure some of them are good people.) Maybe we need a registry. Just to be safe. Better safe than what happened in Sweden.

          • Citing a triumph of Islamic scholarship as a source on the supposedly backward savagery of that same group is obtuse to the point of being both funny and sad.

            Here’s an idea–read the whole thing and then do some research on this Islamic historian and his contributions in 1377 to the foundational ideas on which the study of history is conducted TO THIS DAY.

            And then after you’ve done that, you can get a clue or two about the contributions Islamic mathematicians made to the modern world when they created algebra (which I’m sure a person of your obvious intellect studied diligently.) Or how about the work of the Islamic philosophical and mathematical genius al-Khwārizmī who pioneered the modern idea of the algorithm (the word itself is a latinization of the man’s name) which is the first, basic theoretical concept on which the very machine I’m now typing functions.

            And, finally, I recommend “Holy War, Martyrdom, and Terror: Christianity, Violence, and the West” by Phillipe Buc and published by the University of Pennsylvania Press for a little flavor of the sort of atrocities all the upright followers of “The Prince of Peace” seemed to think are no big deal.

          • The so called contributions of Islam were plundered from conquered people. They preserved Greek and Indian discoveries but burned the library at Alexandria.

            Islam is all about the money: fei, ganimah and jizya. Open the fourth volume of Sahih Bukhari to page 108 and learn how Moe got his income. Be sure to read the footnote.

            Open your Qur’an to Surah Al Anfal and read 8.1, 8.41 and 8.67. To whom do the spoils belong and what was Moe’s prime motivator? In Sahih Bukhari, read the book of Khumus. What was Moe’s worst fear?

            If you still need a clue, read Moe’s letter to the rulers of Ayala, found in Ibn Sa’d. In that Letter, Moe explains his intention to conquer the city.

          • The Muslim destruction of the library was a story told 500 years after the fact, possibly as a way for Saladin to excuse his own plundering of conquered libraries. The only (near) contemporaneous accounts of sacking of the libraries in Alexandria were by Julius Caesar (accidentally) in 48 B.C. and the Emperor Aurelian in the late 3rd century AD. The job was possibly completed by Pope Theophilious to keep the pagans down. (Those Christians, they sure do prize learning.)

            And yes, the only reason we even know anything about a lot of Classical sciences and philosophy was because it was preserved by the Muslims. Good thing too–medieval Christians were way to busy making up stories about their magical zombie and his father, the wizard form outer space to care about such useless book stuff. Algebra, as a symbolic general system for solving general problems is an Islamic development based on knowledge that was lost to Christians because it wasn’t Jesus-y enough. The first techniques for solving quadratic and cubic equations are definitely Islamic.
            So please, piss off with your copy and pasting of everything that comes up when you Google search “brietbart why mooslims bad.” Get an actual education, instead.

          • The only knowledge prized by Muslims is knowledge of the Islamic texts, primarily the Qur’an and hadith.

            The fact remains that Moe contrived Islam for his personal emolument through conquest.

            Moe knew what the Arabs wanted and promised it to them as a reward for Jihad, to be delivered after they got killed. Try reading Citizen Warrior’s “Terrifying Brilliance Of Islam”.

          • I presented many many instances of Islamic contributions to world history. The best you’ve come up with is a pamphlet and the repeated assertion that Muslim bad-internet say so. Goodnight, snowflake, you poor half wit.

          • Polish your projection lamp and lens, your tactic is too obvious.

            “By their fruits you shall know them.”. The fruits of Islam are pillage and rivers of blood; heaps of bones.

            Doubters, dissenters & Deniers: Review the TOC of. “The Life Of Muhammad”.

          • When trapped in a debate without facts and logic, resort to name calling. The labels you apply to me belong on you. Leftwingers project, its what they do.

          • yeah dylan roof targeted his victims because they were christians

            it’s fair to view more than a billion people worldwide as a monolith of terrorists, but unfair to call dylan roof a white supremacist

            the things you repulsive, twisted freaks actually believe are indistinguishable from trolling

            beyond that the overriding theme is that white men, irrespective of their motivations, are responsible for the majority of mass violence in this country

          • Your assertion is not fact based. Show me any valid stats that ‘white men’ are ‘responsible for the majority of mass violence in this country’. I’ve already provided A comprehensive list of murders motivated by the religious/political ideology of Islam and the body count by far surpasses that of the 4 aforementioned mentally disturbed, drug abusing lone wolf actors that no one champions. Try basing your condescending judgements in fact, not your hatred of white people.

          • Instead of pontificating from the pillar of ignorance, you should learn about Islam from its canonical texts. As it stands, you know nothing about it that is true.

            The Koran and Sahih Bukhari have been translated to English and uploaded to the internet archive along with many other texts. Read them and read “The Book Of Jihad” At Crusader’s Armory, you will find two embeded pdf files displaying important pages from Islamic law, read those, too and get a clue.

          • Islam is economic, not political. Moe got his living by his spear. He collected the top twenty percent of ganimah, all of the fei and all of the Jizya resulting from raids and terrorism before he died in 632.

            Driven out of Mekkah, he migrated to Yathrib which he subverted and called Medina. There he built an army and began razia on camel caravans returning from Syria to Mekkah. H soon graduated to threatening and extorting neighboring Jewish settlements and regional kings.

            See his “letter to the rulers of Aqaba” for a real eye opener!

          • Irrelevant! Old testament conquest imperatives were limited to particular places, peoples and times. With one exception, they were defensive, not offensive.

            In every case, Islam’s persistent evil stands by itself, undiminished by what others have done.

          • Don’t know your Bible much do you? None of those verses cited above are defensive. They are the story of an army slaughtering every living thing they came across because their God said the land belonged to them and not the people already living there. And God really REALLY digs on the destruction.

          • Try reading the context! Only the conquest of Caanan was offensive. The rest attacked the Jews first.

            No possible sophistry can convert argumentum Tu-Quoque from a logical fallacy to a valid defense.

        • Skin pigment is irrelevant. Ideology is relevant. “Allahu Akbar” is what they recite when slaughtering hadi for eid. It is also what they shout when attacking. Muslims sacrifice people to Satan. You obviously approve of and support that.

      • And what’s your answer to that litany? Arming yourself against your fellow American’s? Holding meetings where we casually speak of murder? I’ve read everything you’ve written on this thread. You wear your fear like a badge of honor. It is not.

        “We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men — not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.”

        – Edward R. Morrow

          • Hey.. Talking to these morons is like beating your head against the wall.. hope nothing happens but the bible is true and has not and will not be disproved.. They don’t understand not everyone wants to grab arms and sing combya. They evidently refuse to watch the news and think it can t come here. I’m not as good with words as they are I’m just a simple man with my eyes wide open. Glad to see someone with spunk.

        • 49 dead Queers would still be alive if Omar Mateen’s father had been denied admission to this country. 14 social workers would be alive if Sayed Farook’s parents 7 Bide had been kept out.

      • They want to Meet Allah and gain admission to his celestial orgy by being martyred, so our military services can help them get what they want most. That is a task for the military, not private citizens.

  3. Some innocent people, Muslim or otherwise, are going to get murdered because of shit like this. And Trump just directed the FBI to worry less about white right-wing nutjob terror and more about “radical Islamic terror” even though the former is the predominant kind in this country.

  4. This is the kind of bigotry and assholishness that makes an entire city look bad. City leaders need to condemn this little militia, or else they’ll get lumped in with the bigots, making the city a magnet for every whacko within a 500-mile radius, meanwhile normal people will avoid the area like a plague.

  5. Remember when the GOP wasn’t filled with fearful little cowards? From actual war heroes like George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole to a draft dodging Party leader afraid of his own orange shadow. Grand Old Pussies should be the new name.

  6. I agree with doing away with political correctness!

    But the imbeciles involved in the above meeting (and any who agree with these Islamaphobes ) have also chosen that simply being correct be damned !!

    Nothing that they stated about Islam and/or Muslims is true and, based on their statements to said topic, they’re as ignorant as hell!!

      • Search for and read “Islam 101 For Clergy & Congregants”, Read each of the pdf files therein linked. Or see most of them embedded in “Islam 101 for Politicians”. Give particular attention to “What’s Wrong With Islam & Muslims?”. [“Allah Is Not God”, “Islam Is Demonic” & “The Defamation Of Jesus Christ” are not included in the page for politicians.]

    • What do you actually know about Islam? Have you read the Koran & sahih hadith collections? Have you delved into Islamic law? Try downloading and reading “The Book Of Jihad” its in the internet archive. Read the ayat referenced in the foot notes.

    • Hmmm…..one guy, in a meeting, calls for defensive actions against what he perceives as a violently aggressive group and you are ready to scream ‘terrorist’.

      But…..hundreds of black-garbed thugs rioting in the street and physically attacking people who seem to have a different political belief than them…..well, they’re are solid citizens with a little social activism …..really?

      Get a grip. The real terrorists are in your camp.

      • Urging the indiscriminate killing of people based on their religion is AT LEAST advocating terrorism. All these black barbed garbed thugs you saw, did that happen in Sweden by any chance ?

      • Real terrorists like the three Republican men in Kansas who were planning to blow up vehicles around an apartment building lived in by Somali refugees then shoot every man, woman, and child inside?

      • no, stupid, expressing a wish to kill muslims is not a call for ‘defensive action’

        the black bloc represents a very small fraction of the opposition to trump. i support them, and support violence against avowed white supremacists. but most ‘liberals’ don’t

        you are a vile racist subhuman

        • Oh my, you’ve really hurted my feels…you’ve certainly got the moral high ground there.

          Yes, lets go for the ad hominem attack…when we can’t actually formulate a valid argument.

          And while I don’t agree with the Cuban-American immigrant who made the pro-violence comments, you have to understand the horror of Castros Cuba that he escaped from and how that informs his fears. Yeah, he has been a victim of a violent political movement, which is what Radical Islam is.

          • Hey is Chris n saying he thinks violence is ok against Trump because he disagrees with him but a hate crime and people should be thrown in jail for prepping to defend themselves from muslims?

      • The fact that they didn’t kick him out immediately tells me that they are terrorists, or at least terrorist sympathizers. Also, the other guy said “I understand that, but we’re not there yet.” YET. He’s for killing random Muslims, just waiting for a more advantageous time.

  7. Jordan, Your tongue must be sore from biting it! I would not been able to contain myself and probably would have flipped a table five minutes in! It must have been hard being there but I am so thankful you captured this madness and hopefully will shed light onto a very dark piece of our community and squash it!

  8. If everyone in America were Muslim, this would still be the same country. We are defined by our constitution and the good hearts of the citizens,…and if you think you know what’s in another’s heart, you better back the ‘f’ up.

  9. Law enforcement had better do something about these people. This is terrorism in the making, and even as a non-Muslim resident of the Triad, I feel incredibly unsafe knowing that there are people like this that have made murderous intentions known that aren’t locked up. Whatever happened to “communicating threats” being a crime? These folks are clearly nutters that lean toward violence. PLEASE lock them the hell up before they murder people.

  10. These people are insane! Hey there conspiracy theory bigots: there are over 2 billion Muslims in the world. If they wanted you dead, you would already be dead.

    There were Muslims in the United States at the founding of this country. There are Muslims of every race who are born here, emigrate here, who convert here, who serve in the military, who are Republicans, who are Democrats, who are your neighbors and friends.

    Y’all need to take your violent, anti-American rhetoric and shut the hell up.

        • And many you have not read, including this from J.Q. Adams: In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the
          lineage of Hagar [i.e., Muhammad], the Egyptian, combining the powers
          of transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic, and
          the fraudulent spirit of an impostor, proclaimed himself as a messenger
          from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive
          portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime conception of the
          Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected
          indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his
          prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the
          faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled
          it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion
          to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of
          human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the
          female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared
          undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion,
          against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS
          NATURE [Adam’s capital letters]….Between these two religions, thus
          contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has
          already raged. The war is yet flagrant…While the merciless and
          dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human
          action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men.[68]

          Look it up at Wikiislam, there is more where that came from.

        • Jefferson bought a Koran translation to learn about his enemy. So did J.Q. Adams, who was extremely critical of Islam. Jefferson foolishly included Islam in the Virginia Statute of Religious Liberty, likely his worst mistake.

          Islam is an Arab Mafia disguised as a religion.

    • Look up what John Quincy Adams wrote about Muslims. Go to Wikipedia and look up the First Barbary War, see how Sidi explained raids on our shipping to Thomas Jefferson. Compare that to what the Muslim general told the Persian general in Sahih Bukhari 4.53.386 then read 1.8.387 and Surah At-Taubah 9.5, 9.14, 9.29, 9.120 & 9.123. Of course you won’t because you know it all.

  11. As a resident of Kernersville this scares the hell out of me, that these racist and xenophobic morons can all get together in a public place and put out a call to violence?! And not one other resident inside that restaurant called them out for it? Called the police? NOTHING?

    • What race is Islam? Did Dougie Hooper turn Black or Brown when he reverted to Islam? Did Ayaan Hirsi Ali turn white when she apostatized?

      Did you know that Muhammad owned and sold Black slaves and that the slaves used on southern plantations were enslaved and sold by Muslims?

      • Islam has no race, it’s a religion. WHat race is Christian? What race is Jewish? What race is Buddhist? Your statement has no bearing in what I wrote, so take your trolling ass someplace else. I have read from the Quoran, I have acquaintances that are Muslim. Go pedal hate somewhere else, rather than telling people to go and read whatever biased tome you have bought into.

        • Objection to Islamic conqest is neither racist nor bigoted. Knowledge of Islam is based on the Qur’an and hadith, all of which are heresay, having no real validity. I do not take stock in any of that crap, I only expose it.

  12. “Because my only recommendation is to start killing the hell out them.”

    Dear god it’s ISIS in America!

    ‘Robert Goodwill, who identified himself as a member of the national security advocacy group Act for America, took an optimistic tack with the recent election of Donald Trump, adding, “We’re on our way.”’

    Christ its the American Christian version of the Muslim Brotherhood complete with murderous intent! So much for the religion of salvation and forgiveness!

    ‘“I am beyond that point,” del Valle replied. “I’m ready to start taking people out.”’

    Someone who is no better in character than the boogie men he’s afraid of.

  13. The collective IQ in that room was lower than it was at the local animal shelter. This is what happens after 30 years of systematic dismantling of public education. None of these mouth-breathing morons should be allowed to drive a car, let alone comment on complex international geopolitics, religion or public policy.

  14. “Conservative activists”, oh, you mean terrorists? ?

    That’s right, y’all just keep telling yourselves that there’s a murderous band of ________ (insert imaginary enemy here) hiding behind every bush and in every tree. Truth is, you and your ilk are far more of a problem than any other group.

    • Do you not see what is happening around the world. Are you that naive that it can’t come here. It doesn’t look like white guys causing the problem in other countries. But just keep your head in the sand. Nothing wrong with being prepared for whatever when the shtf. What is funny is all you p _ _ _ y s will be looking for a prepper to hide behind… if you live long enough!! Prepare for any catastrophe

      • You know what I see? I see a bunch of low intellect mouth breathers with more bullets than functioning brain cells running around yelling “the sky is falling” and pretending to be our salvation.

        Bubba, Junior and Y’all Qaeda, overgrown redneck children playing militia.

        • Sorry you see it that way. The bullets are for their family protection not your salvation. And with respect to “the sky is falling” bet that’s how Sweden and the rest of Europe feel today….”o my God how did we let this happen ” Oh by the way I’m not of low intellect , mouth breather sometimes. More bullets than brain cells… yes . You must be a northern transplant if you live near kville or else you would know although I don’t consider to be one there are many rednecks around. But they don’t call people names or try to belittle them for having a different opinion. . Remember ” Country boys will survive” Get to know one

          • Born and raised in the Deep South and married to a country boy, the only difference is, we’re not paranoid.

            Please save the BS, who do you think came up with little gems like libtard, mooslem, rag head, snowflake and so many others? It wasn’t us liberals sweetie. Peddle that lie to someone else.

            Y’all keep playing militia and scaring the locals. I prefer to live in the real world.

          • Well darn, I knew I forgot something, I suppose I’ll just have to use liberal daisies.

            Do you have more ridiculous questions you want to ask? Just leave a list and I’ll answer when I have time. Toodles!

          • Thanks for proving that sarcasm is only for smart people!

            Hateful? Oh no sweetie, just fed up with listening to those of your ilk, scared senseless and preparing for the end. It’s hysterically funny listening to y’all, one would think that ISIS is taking over the country as we speak and the White House is under siege. SMDH

            Oh, no I won’t be wishing I was a “prepper”, I’m thoroughly capable of growing and canning my own food thank you! Been doing it for years. But, enjoy your fantasy.

          • You act like your point of view here is somehow defensible, and has a right to stand next to Pamela Beurman’s comments. You’d have credibility only if you weren’t acting like an intolerant bigot. Don’t force us to tolerate your absolute intolerance. That’s not how tolerance works. Consult the dictionary. You are talking about violence and destruction and we are talking about peaceful solutions. There is freedom of religion in this country. Period. Sorry that bothers you. Your comments are bigoted, and this is not a difference of opinion, because a bigoted opinion is destructive and harmful, and therefore, not ethical and not viable. You probably don’t understand any of what I’ve written here.

          • Islam is not a religion protected by the penumbra of the free exercise clause. There is no right to attack, plunder, rape and enslave, all of which are entailed by Allah’s commands and Moe’s exemplar. 9/111 was an islamic act of worship!

          • In the real world, 240 million innocent people went to early graves at the hands of Muslims. One hundred years ago 1.5 million Armenian Christians were massacred by the Ottoman Empire.

            “Kill them wherever you find them” & “fight those of the disbelievers nearest you” are commands, not suggestions.

            Look them up: Surah At-Taubah 9.5 & 9.14. Islam Awakened displays 50 parallel translations. Corpus Quran displays the Arabic words and English meanings with a dictionary and concordance.

          • Google “Tears of Jihad”, Dr. Warner has a breakdown of the statistics. Search for “Jihad: The Islamic Doctrine Of Permanent War” and “The Quranic Concept Of War”. Make notes of the Qur’an & hadith citations in those books and look them up at quranbrowser and sunnah, bot dot com domains.

          • Muslims began attacking our shipping after we declared independence. Tripoli’s ambassador told T. Jefferson their rational for it, his report to John Jay is quoted in the Wikipedia entry for the First Barbary War. Read it and get a clue. Our only provocation was not being Muslim. Refer to Sahih Bukhari 4.53.386 and Hedaya 2.141 for further clues.

      • More white guys take part in terrorist acts against Americans. Oklahoma city, the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, and the Dylan Roof douchebag. All your prepper crap will be for naught when Donald gets us nuked.

        • Color has nothing to do with it. Psychotic drug addicts like Roof are a minority. Muslims are commanded by their deity to punish infidels for not worshiping Allah,

          Read Surah At-Taubah 9.14 and Sahih Bukhari 1.8.386 and get a clue.

          Obama is the one who gave Iran free reign to make nuclear warheads and mount them on missiles.

          Islam is a predatory institution founded by a predator and maintained by predators. Displaying weakness to predators invites attack.

          • You need to get a clue. Catholic priests act as predators, and they maintain a facade that allows predators to continue. They’ve done so for centuries, and the pattern of sexual abuse is well known by everybody. Everybody knows Priests touch little kid’s genitals, yet here you are whining about Islam.

          • I am not whining about Islam, I am exposing and cursing it. As a backslid Methodist, I condemn pedophilia, both Catholic and Islamic. Moe was thighing Aisha for three years before he consummated their marriage. She was six years old. Open the Koran to 65.4 and discover there is a waiting period for divorced Muslim wives not yet menstruating. In Book O of Reliance Of The Traveller you can learn that there is no minimum age.

            Besides being carnal, Islam is violent, intrinsically, by design and incapable of reformation.

            Toleration of a belief in divine mandate to kill non-believers is suicidal.

          • Ah, ok. Well then, unfortunately, I don’t think you’re able to understand what I’m talking about. You’re not going to step back and confront the clear bias you have against Islam? Well, this is how ignorance functions: you can’t understand what I’m saying even if you tried. You’re simply too ignorant to understand. I’m sorry to offer so much proof of your ignorance. I’m not citing the Qu’oran or the Bible, to prove you are ignorant. I’m using the dictionary. I’m using ethics.

          • Having read two Qur’an translations, four of the six sittah hadith collections, Books O, M & N of Reliance Of The Traveller, Al-Sayir in the second volume of Hedaya, The Sealed Nectar and much more, I am not ignorant of islam!

            Compared to the self-righteous LibTards posting in this thread, I am an expert.

            What is ethical or moral about a seventh century barbarian war lord putting words in an idol’s mouth to sanctify rape pillage & slavery?

            What is ethical or moral about trying to protect evil from exposure & condemnation?

          • My religion is irrelevant. Argumentum Tu-Quoque is always a logical fallacy. Nothing done or said by anyone else subtracts from the intrinsic evil designed into Islam when Moe contrived it!

          • I am a self proclaimed expert and that is why I waste my time on these discussion boards.
            The real evil was a President that lied and stated this whole mess we see today

          • Seek my blog post entitled: “Thousands Died and Shrub Lied”.

            The real evil is Moe’s sanctification of plunder for his own personal emolument, giving brigandry “divine” sanction.

          • You’re not using ethics by refusing to compare what the Qur’an actually says – you’re demonstrating the exact wilful ignorance you deride in others. You claim Dajjal is “biased” against islam when he’s actually read all their stuff. You clearly haven’t, which
            makes your stance the “biased” and immorally relativist one.

            Why are you defending the world’s largest and oldest, ongoing extortion-racket CRIME gang at all, in stead of learning about it?

            Could it be because most muslims are swarthy, and you’re a racist who presumes they are so mentally inferior and simple that they don’t actually know htat what they’re doing is a crime? Are you pretending that they need your help because they are so at the mercy of their animal instincts that they just can’t help themselves but become violent whenever a mentally superior white person confuses and oppresses them? Is that it- are you a RACIST?


          • Yes, but “unknown, unknowable” allah is really only a blank-form excuse for islam’s holy-mobster muslims’ own criminal desires and actions! They demand everyone “believe” in unidentifiable allah or else they will be killed! “Believe in the literally unbelievable or else! CAPISCE?” So their real responsibility is to the ummah (gang)!

          • The perverse besuty of the system: Rejecting Allah is an act of kufr: rebellion aganst Allah, converting an act of aggression into an act of defense.

          • Muslims claim all their wars are defensive. 5.33 & Ibn Kathir make rejecting Islam an act of war against Allah & Muslims. “Fight those who fight against you” 2.190. See also Muslim 19.4294.
            Note also Moe’s statement on page 88 of the fourth volume of Bukhari. “He who disobeys my orders will be humiliated by paying jizya.”

          • Ah, so you simply missed breaking down your first statement into it’s two implications, like this, then:

            “The perverse beauty of the system: Rejecting Allah is an act of kufr: rebellion against Allah; converting the infidels’ act of defense into an act of aggression, and the muslims’ act of aggression into an act of defense.”

            (In other words, their typical criminal victim-blaming slander)!
            … and even the mere statement of which, IS an attack in itself!


          • Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education & Political Science, Minor in Economics with an overall GPA of 3.85.

            Demonstrate your knowledge of the subject, genius!

          • You need the clue: comparing two unrelated wrongs can’t make one of them right. You defend the infinite evils of islam allegedly because others elsewhere commit the same sort of evil crimes.

            When you get caught by a cop running a stop sign, do you try to defend your actions by saying “So what? Other people do it too!”

          • IN context, ALL the worst Bible verses (those calling for tribal genocides, death to homosexuals, etc) were limited in scope to the temporary: ONCE, NOW, HERE, and often only applying to the Jews them selves. Contrast them to islam’s Qur’an, which demands the same things, except that they must be applied ALWAYS, for all time, EVERYWHERE, and to all non-muslims, too!

            Thus it’s easy to see that the Qur’an is literally INFINITELY WORSE than even the worst bits of the old testament.

            (Once, here, versus ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE = infinite diff)!


          • Nothing in the Bible can prove me a liar. First, the Bible is irrelevant to the subject. Second, I am not a liar. You can find documentation for what I have posted in my comments in my blogs:
            blog spots Crusaders Armory and Islam Exposed.

    • Have you so soon forgotten what they did in New York City and Washington D.C. 16 years ago or are you too young to have lived through it?

      The Boston Marathon bombing, recent bombingt in NYC and bombs planted in NJ were all Muslim projects. Likewise the shooting of recruiters in Chatanooga, Fort Hood Massacre, San Bernardino Massacre and Orlando Massacre.

      You could get a clue about Islam by reading the Qur’an, Sahih Bukhari and “The Book Of Jihad” but you will more likely continue to ponfificate from the pillar of ignorance.

        • Islam is defined by the recitation and works of its founder, not by you. Muhammad was a terrorist, pedophile & barbarian warlord besides being a false prophet. He created Islam in his image. it has not been hijacked, perverted or distorted; it is evil by design. Not moderate or radical, just plain Islam.

          • The Crusades were counter reaction and retaliation against 400 years of Islamic conquest and interference with pilgrims travelling to the Levant.

            Unk’s point: argumentum Tu-Quoque i.e.”You too!” is a diversion, not adefense. Nothing said or done by anyone else at any time, in any place subrracts from the intrinsic evil of Islam.

          • When last tested, my verbal IQ was 140. Age may have dulled that a bit, but I am not your fool.

            I read Shakir’s translation and that of Hilali & Khan. I looked up the most important verses in Tafsir Ibn kathir, Tafsir al-Jlalayn and tafsir Ibn Abbas.

            I read “The Sealed Nectar”, the first two volumes of Ibn Sa’d and many pages of “The Life Of Muhammad”. I read the Jihad books of the six Sittah and Mishkat ul-Misabih. I also read Craig Winn’s “The Prophet Of Doom” including the “In His Own Words” appendix. Add to that volume 8 of Tabari.

            Add to that the parts of “Reliance Of The Traveller”, Hedaya and Risala relevant to Jihad.

            In the matter of Prophets: Jesus Christ was long gone 500 years before Moe was born. Moe’s first wife had a cousin, Ibn Waraqa, who was a Gnostic Monk. Moe plagiarized Jewish & Christian scripture and pseudagraphia obtained from Ibn Waraqa into his false faith in hopes of making it appeal to Jews and Christians.

            Moe was the first Muslim. Neither Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Jonah nor Jesus were Muslims. Isa is not Jesus! The Qur’an denies Christ’s paternity, deity, crucifixion, death and resurrection. Sahih ahadith depict Jesus as inferior to Moe and his paternal half brother. A hadith in the second volume of Hayat ul-Qulub has Moe telling Khadija, on her deathbed, to greet his wives in Jannah, one of whom is Mary, Mother of Jesus!!!

            Yes, by God, I documented those disgusting details in “The Defamation of Jersus Christ” !

          • Camels do not produce that stuf ;) But I recall seing a video in which a young boy tapped a teat without first hobbling the camel and got a good swift kick for his efforts.

          • I do not define Islam, Moe did. Read the Qur’an or, better yet, Tafsir Ibn kahtir. Then open Riyad Us-Salihyeen to the Jihad chapter, page 384 if memory serves, and read it. For the final clue, go to the intenet archive, open Guillaume’s “The Life Of Muhammad” and read the table of contents.

        • “Radicals” is an abominable lie! Muhammad, after the death of Khadija, made his living by his spear: plunder. Refer to page 108 of the fourth volume of Sahih Bukhari and page 31 the fourth volume of Ibn Kathir’s “The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad” . Then turn to the Qur’an and read Surah Al-Anfal 8.1, 41 & 67. If you need more evidence, search for and read “Islam’s Mercenmary Mission”. The Qur’an defines Believers in 9.111 & 49.15 as only those who fight in Allah’s cause, which is to make Islam dominate the world.

      • Dajjal, using that “logic” we should add white males to the terrorist list…after all it was a white male that committed the murders in Sandy Hook, it was a white male that committed the killings in Charleston, it was a white male who committed the murders at the Colorado Theater..shall I go on…All people do not fit in these neat little boxes that society tries to shove them in…all black people are not from the ghetto, all hispanics are not illegal immigrants from Mexico, all whites are not racists, and all muslims are not terrorists. We need to stop this type thinking and talking. If we cannot see that all people are not cut out of the same mold, how can we truly identify those who have a true desire to do us harm?

        • Argumentum Tu-Quoque is always a logical fallacy, a diversion, not a defense.

          The actions of insane or drug addled killers of any race or religion subtract nothing from the absolute unmitigated evil of Islam.

          Open Muquaddimah to page 199 and discover what Ibn Khaldun, a North African Arab driven from Spain to Tunisia, had to write about Arabs and how they made their living. Compare that, especially the sentence about their sutenance being where the shadow of their lances fell to what Moe said about his provision being under the shade of his spear in page 88 of the fourth volume of Sahih Bukhari. Can you get a clue? I sadly doubt it.

      • Have you forgotten the people who kill 10,000 Americans every year with guns? Have you forgotten about the White Supremacists who murdered police officers in Nevada, leaving a Gadsden flag on their bodies or the white supremacists who just last year were arrested as they prepared to bomb my synagogue and Jewish community center here in Virginia?

        Did you forget about the White Supremacist who murdered those elderly African American people in the South Carolina church?

        Did you forget about those beautiful children gunned down in Connecticut by a freak with an automatic weapon?

        You are paralyzed by fear and hatred of people who look and pray differently than you.

        • Prior to 633, Egypt, Iraq, Persia, Syria & Yemen had primarily Christian populations. Change came about through conquest. If Poland had not come to the rescue of Vienna in 1686, Western Europe would have fallen pery to Muslims as Spain, Greece, Romania and others did.

          Hedaya is a two volume set of Islamic law that regulated India and the Ottoman Empire. Open the second volume to page 140 and read through page 216. Each of those pages holds a clue for you. War must be carried on at all times by some party of the Muslims and infidels may be attacked without provocation. You can learn that in the first two pages.

      • I live in Boston. I don’t need to be reminded of the bombing or 9/11. Radicals did that. If you want to make lists, the list of atrocities done by non-Muslims will be longer.

        You’re versed in the Quaran. Congratulations. So you know, like the Bible, it started with the Torah. The 3 large monotheistic religions have a common source.

        Muhammed is a false profit? Not going to argue, I’m not that religious, so they are all false to me. Who is your “real” profit(s)?

        I don’t believe in pedophilia either, but it is still common in the Arab world. Muhammed would be a pedophile by today’s Western standards. The Virgin Mary was 14 when she gave birth to Jesus. Does that make the Holy Spirit a pedophile? If you don’t believe in the virgin birth, is the 30 year old Joseph a pedophile?

        My neighbors of 30 years are Muslim. They are great people. As is the Muslim in LA who fosters terminally ill children. As are the people our soldiers have been fighting and dying beside for 15 years.

        There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Like everyone else, the vast majority just want to raise their family in peace.

        • No, the list of atrocities by non-muslims is not longer. If you bother to do any basic research, you will discover the facts:

          Islam is really an actual threat to everyone because IT says it is, not because we misinterpreted it.

          According to their own Eastern histories, islam has an official 1,400 year history of “holy” lies, extortions, robberies, tortures, arsons, kindappings, slaveries, rapes and 270 million murders: that’s OVER A QUARTER-BILLION INNOCENTS SACRIFICED TO ALLAH, so far!

          For a detailed breakdown of historical islamic depredations by region and era, just Google for: “Tears of Jihad.”

          Islam has a larger death-tally than that of EVERYONE ELSE, both secular and religious, COMBINED, and with an historical average of less than 1% of the global population to have committed it with, too!

          Do the math: 270 million divided by 1,400 is almost 200,000 per year, or over 500 per day, or over 20 per hour or about one person every three minutes being murdered by Muslims ever since Islam was founded.

          So, simply and precisely because of their “THOU SHALT KILL!” cultural indoctrination, MUSLIMS ARE STILL FROM BETWEEN FOUR AND SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES MORE LIKELY TO ENGAGE IN MURDER (and all other crimes,) THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

          According to Paris-based Iranian sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar, “of France’s 64,000 prisoners, up to 60% are Muslim. (Muslims are thought to compose only 8% of the population.)”

          Based on data from 2011, Pew Research Center estimated that Muslims made up 9% of the 1,598,780 state and federal prisoners in the United States. Pew also reported that as of 2010, about 0.8% of the U.S. population was Muslim, up from 0.6% in 1990. Data allegedly provided by the federal Bureau of Prisons reported that, as of 1997, Muslims made up 7.27% of the federal prison population.

          In other words, Muslims are overrepresented in the French prison population by 7.5 times their percentage of the population. In the United States, although their overall percentage is smaller, Muslims are overrepresented in the prison population by 11.25 times their percentage of the population.

          Here’s the most recent American prison-inmate-by-religion stats:

          US Inmate population religious preferences

          58% Christian
          29% Muslim
          13% Other (including Atheist)

          Since muslims are at most 3% of the total population in America, it’s obvious they are TEN TIMES more likely than their numbers would indicate, to be in prison.

          And I believe Americans in general poll at 80% Christian, so they are under-represented in prison, by at least 30% or one third less than one might have otherwise expected, based on population percentage alone.

          But it’s not surprising, really:

          ALL muslims are criminals: by their own rules, they must endorse in public every word in the Qur’an, which tells them that they are so “superior” to all non-muslims, that it’s not only their right, but also their holy duty to their god, to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-muslims in the world, simply for the “crime” of not being muslims:

          “Slay the non-muslims wherever you find them,” (Qur’an 9:5), “Strike upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip,” (Qur’an 8:12) and “Fight them until there is no unbelief and the religion, all of it, is for Allah” (Qur’an 8:39).

          And they have no choice – islam isn’t cafeteria catholicism, it’s all or nothing (sura 2:85) and so if they give evidence they aren’t toeing the line, the others must murder them for hypocrisy (4:86).

          Therefore all muslims call them selves “muslims” and not “islamists,” or “radicals,” or “moderates!”

          So the Qur’an is a clearly-written, us-versus-them hate-crime book, endorsing a permanent might-makes-right death-threat.

        • There are nine ayat in the Qur’an which expressly forbid friendship, alliance & partnership with kuffar. One of them licences deception for self protection and promotion of Islam. Many Armenians had ‘Muslim friends’ until Pasha issued the order to kill them, then their blood flowed.

          As Churchill wrote in The River War, individual Muslims may have splendid qualities but Islam in a man is more dangerous than rabies in a dog.

          ‘Radicals’ = Believers: only those who fight in Allah’s cause, killing and being killed. Refer to 9.111 & 49.15.

  15. lol. this is just like right after 9/11, when every podunk village in nowheresville was dead certain sure the muslims were going to bomb them next. Seriously, what a bunch of ignorant and scared babies. y’all qaeda, indeed. these children need to be arrested for their own safety. Or maybe get an education and learn about the world outside of their barns, and find themselves some work. Keep them too busy to start making up phantom reasons to murder innocents.

    • Since islam itself claims no ‘infidels” are innocent and must be murdered by all muslims, it stands to reason that no holy-mobster “muslim” gangster is innocent, by definition.

      • Allah obligates Muslims to wage Jihad by the hand, tongue, pen, purse or heart and threatens shirkers with eternity in his fire pit. Most of the posters here appear to be ignorant of the “forgotten obligation”.

        Innocence is an exclusive attribute of Muslims, all others are “waging war against Allah and his Messenger” as per 5.33. Doubters & deniers: refer to Tafsir Ibn kathir which defines “waging war”… to include “disbelief”.

        • True, that! If someone who is born into a crime-gang which says a god demands they murder the non-members of their gang, (and/or all on their own claims to believe in such a god demanding it of them,) kills someone else, even if they admit that, without such a god existing, killing people who had never done anything wrong to them first would indeed be the criminal act of murder, does their birth-indoctrination or adult ‘belief’ still give them the right to be found innocent or at least not guilty for their otherwise crimes?!

          Hell, NO!

          NO holy-mobster “muslim” is innocent! Group or gang rights (like to extort, enslave, and murder all the “infidels” in the world for one’s god) must come with group or gang responsibilities (like to pay for those even ‘only attempted’ crimes and criminal threats of same)!

          • Offensive Jiha is fard al-Kifaya: a communal obligation from which the Ummah is released once a sufficent number have joined the battle. Get some knowledge, quit beign a bigot.

        • And the Bible doesn’t do this eh?

          Shows how very ignorant and stupid you REALLY are.

          Deuteronomy 17

          If there be found among you, within any of thy gates which the LORD thy God giveth thee, man or woman, that hath wrought wickedness in the sight of the LORD thy God, in transgressing his covenant; 17:3 And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded; 17:4 And it be told thee, and thou hast heard of it, and enquired diligently, and, behold, it be true, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought in Israel; 17:5 Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.

          • Read the old testament in context. Nothing in it subrracts anything from the evil of Islam.

            Had Moe found anything bad in the Bible, he could have fixed it in the Koran, instead he doubled down on it.

            Moe ordered lapidations, Jesus stopped one. Christianity is a new dispensation, rejectd by Islam.

      • Deuteronomy 17

        If there be found among you, within any of thy gates which the LORD thy God giveth thee, man or woman, that hath wrought wickedness in the sight of the LORD thy God, in transgressing his covenant; 17:3 And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded; 17:4 And it be told thee, and thou hast heard of it, and enquired diligently, and, behold, it be true, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought in Israel; 17:5 Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.

        • That notably applies BY Jews, and only TO other Jews, and even then ONLY within the boundaries of the land of Israel, doesn’t it?


          Contrary to islam which says the same thing, but insists it applies to ALL people on earth, including all non-muslims, everywhere!

          Between “only to and for us, here” vs. “to everyone everywhere”
          shows that islam is literally INFINITELY worse than Judaism.

          So that’s another fine and total FAIL on your part …. “Skippy!”


          • ROTFLMAO
            very IGNORANT, aren’t you?
            SO very typical of your kind’s bigotry, stupidity and ignorance.
            SO very typical.
            Is it any wonder WHY your kind is so very uneducated and ignorant?

            A REAL Christian knows it means EVERYONE.
            A fake one – hypocritical cowards like yourself aren’t real Christians and never will be.

            question – were you born this ignorant or did you de-evolve into it?

          • Your ignorance and lack of intelligence is precisely why it’s so very easy for those like me to show you as a jackass in court. And that’s why we ALWAYS win.
            Thank you. You make it SO very easy

          • ROTFLMAO

            Mom passed away 15 years ago, skippy.

            I’m your worst nightmare – I’m the one who makes you look like the toltal uneducated ignorant ass you are in court.
            I’m the one who gets VERY lucrative verdicts against your kind and kicks your bigoted uneducated ass to the door over constitutional rights volations.

            And we always win aginst your ignorant kind.


  16. All of the false statements made by the people quoted in this article are on record, and all Jordan Green really does to counter the mayhem is one mention of “unsubstantiated claims about Muslim subversion of the American court system.” It is irresponsible and ham fisted to give a platform for so many terrifyingly inaccurate and bigoted statements without countering them with actual facts. “Unsubstantiated claims” does not cut it. This situation is alarming, and the journalism used here by Jordan Green is part of the problem. Is there a “madrassah” there? Tell us. Frank del Valle’s deranged statements should not be left to dangle in the wind, without providing some background information about Cuba. You print a ton of unreal things and then assume your readers will understand the characters in this article are disturbed, and/or lying?? Open your eyes, Triad City Beat. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  17. I notice you went to some length to describe the people at the meeting. Not saying I agree with them just wondering why no research on Mr Hooper or C.A.I.R ?? Think it would be an eye opener. Or maybe you do know but it doesn’t fit your agenda…

    • The Muslim friends I have ( I am Jewish) have been in my community for a couple of generations. Their father spent 40 years as a brilliant surgeon, charitable community member and was mourned by people of every background when he passed away.

      My friends are just regular people.

      The hatred spilling out of this group makes it so easy for right wing politicians to spill toxic waste into waterways, destroy the healthcare of working class Americans and keep wages low and taxes high. The distraction of fear is palatable.

      • It’s usually second-and third-generation muslims who become the most ‘devout’ and go on violent jihad rampages because they were born here and raised on liberal racist victimology lies while their parents knew what they ran away from.

      • You have Muslim friends? Are you aware of the ayat which expressly forbid friendship with Kuffar, particularly Jews? Go to your favorite Qur’an search engine and search for “take not” and “as friends”. Get a clue!!!

          • “Truly those who keep the faith, and the Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabaeans — whoever believes in God and the Last Day and performs virtuous deeds — surely their reward is with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, neither shall they grieve.” (2:62)

          • Hilali/Khan translation, emphasis added for clarity:

            2:62. Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and
            Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allâh and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve .

            Jews & Christians do not believe in Allah, they believe in YHWH, the polar opposite of Allah. I disrespectfully direct doubters, deniers & dissenters to Surah Al-Kaaferoon 109.1…6 and Sahih Bukhari 4.164, which are quoted and linked in my blog post entitled “Allah Is Not God”.

            In further direct response to your out of context quote, refer to Surah Al-Baqarah 2.160…165 & Surah Al-Ma’idah 5.73…79.

          • Argumentum Tu-Quoque remains a diversion, not a defense. The intrinsic evil of Islam is indefensible!

            Unlike Moe, Jesus neither commanded nor exemplified holy war. Umar acted in obedience to Allah, emulating Moe. The conquistadors acted in contravention of the teaching of Christ.

          • By ‘they” I meant those as ignorant as Dajjal. – My bad that I wasn’t clear.
            re a job – I’ve had one for 30+ years – making an arse out of those as ignorant as Dajjal in court.

          • the moron above obviously doesn’t
            I, on the other had, most definitely DO.
            that’s why we kept making an arse of uneducated morons like the above in court. It’s SO easy and lucrative.

  18. Not a conservative group. They are talking about killing Americans. Flip it around. Make it a gathering of Muslims talking about Christians. What would the reaction be then? Is the next Dylann Roof in with these nitwits?

        • Comparative world religions courses taught by a Christian minister, a rabbi, an imann, a Buddhist monk etc
          Unlike you and your ignorant kind, we choose to be educated instead of being ignorant and stupid and bigoted

          • So you’re listening to “experts” in stead of reading the Qur’an for your self? Way to avoid personal responsibility while pretending to maintain a false moral high ground to accuse others of “bias!”

          • I haven’t seen even the most remote hint that you are in any way educated about islam and muslims. You have no logical arguments, but keep on repeating silly slanders about all the allegedly “stupid bigoted ignorance” in others who have studied it in great and excruciating detail and revealed their knowledge to us here.

            Funny how those of us with facts, have no need to spew forth all the critical thinking logical fallacies, like the deflective tu quoque and ad-hominem personal attacks which you need to.

          • I don’t need any arguments for an ignorant uneducated twit bigot.

            all I need is the LAW per the US Constitution = 1st Amendment – Establishment Clause + the 14th Amendment + established case law.

            Now, want to try your ignorance and stupidity again, little ballless twit? You LOVE showing off just how ignorant and stupid you are..

          • Many, many (way too many) times. And the most sahih collections of ahadith, and Ibn Hisham’s sanitized rendition of Ibn Ishaq’s sirat, and the main hedayas and risalas of the four main Sunni maddhab fiqhs of sharia crime (“law”). And you? It seems none at all, right?

          • Which canonical texts of Islam have you read? Any of them? Hod do you know that your minister, rabbi and imam knew and inculcated truth instead of fiction?

          • Do you even have the intelligence read/comprehend a book of theology?

            I had to read the Quran as well other books of theology, including the Bible, for my classes
            BTW – ANY text can be taken out of context and bastardized. You and your ignorant kind do it ALL THE TIME, don’t you?

            Unlike you and your ignorant kind, we choose to be educated instead of being ignorant and stupid and bigoted

      • So called ‘mainstream’ GOP, including President Trump, prefix the R word to Islam, falsely implying the existence of an anodyne original and ignoring the fact that Islam is permanent war.

        • That’s become a distinction without a difference. That Muslims should be hated/feared now is a widely shared opinion among political conservatives. It wasn’t always so but it is now. Discriminating against Muslims was a major plank of 45’s campaign. I don’t know of any politically liberal Americans who hate Muslims, at least not in any significant numbers. They certainly aren’t calling meetings to organize a resistance against an imaginary Muslim infiltration of America.

          • That muslims should be feared is the main goal of islam itself.
            Islam openly endorses terrorism in order to foment a fear of muslims in all infidels. Their most official sharia manual, the Hedaya, openly proclaims that all muslims, even muslim toddlers, are to be regarded as “Objects of Fear!” by all infidels, to the extent that said infidels will all hurry to cross the street to avoid even said muslim toddlers!

      • Exactly! No self-determined muslim believes in any sovereign national governments nor countries at all, ever!

        Muslims are never patriots; they regard all national sovereignties as temporary, man-made false idols which must all be eventually destroyed and replaced with the one-world global muslim Ummah, to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate, and their duty is to wage offensive war to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-muslims.

        Terrorism is an inherent, not an incidental, component of islam.

          • Islam is the exact opposite of the American Constitution:

            The Constitution is not a suicide pact. It does not require us to harbor enemy combatants and fifth columns.

            Most basically: Since islam requires its muslim members to adhere to criminal principles which are in direct conflict with the US Constitution, and Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution requires the President elect to take the Oath or Affirmation to: “… preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” the only sane and logical way to keep that oath, is to REQUIRE the crime-gang of islam be banned!

            For instance:

            Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or abridging the free exercise thereof.

            Islam demands that it be the only recognized religion, that all others be suppressed.

            That contravenes the Constitution.

            The first amendment also provides congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech and press. Islam demands the death penalty for reviling Allah, Moe or Islam.

            Islam contravenes the Constitution.

            Art. 6 proscribes religious test for office. Islamic law requires that all officers be Muslim, declaring that infidels have no right to authority even over infidels.

            Islam contravenes the Constitution.

            Can a good Muslim be a good American?

            Theologically – no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon god of Arabia .

            Religiously – no.Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam.(Quran,2:256)(Koran)

            Scripturally – no. Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran.

            Geographically – no.Because his allegiance is to Mecca , to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

            Socially – no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

            Politically – no. Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan.

            Domestically – no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him. (Quran 4:34 )

            Intellectually – no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

            Philosophically – no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

            Spiritually – no. Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’The Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran’s 99 excellent names. … but he is called The Great Deceiver.

          • doesn’t matter what you think, ignorant twit – It’s WHAT IS.
            The US Constitution IS the law – not you or your band of ignorant bigots
            btw – were you born this ignorant or did you de-evolve into your stupidity and bigotry?

          • Since islam contravenes the Constitution, (as detailed above) islam is illegal. Since islam endorses and commands extortion, rape, child-rape, slavery and murder, it is an illegal crime-gang not a “religion” protected by that same Constitution. Islam is at best a manifesto of sedition against Constitutional government.

            The reason you cannot read and absorb these clearly-written FACTS is your own hatefully biased prejudicial racist bigotry.

        • Non-Muslims are currently living under ISIS. They are required to pay an additional tax, but other than that, they are left alone.

          Never patriots? Capt. Khan died serving the US and saving the lives of the men serving under him.

          Murder all non-Muslims? Then why did Muslims risk their lives protecting Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan against the Taliban?

          “Truly those who keep the faith, and the Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabaeans — whoever believes in God and the Last Day and performs virtuous deeds — surely their reward is with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, neither shall they grieve.” (2:62)

          • According to their own Qur’an, YES, they are ALL required to murder all the non-muslims in the world – just not all at once.

            That same Qur’an also divides muslims into two groups: real, devout muslims, and hypocrites who are basically infidels too.

            Whatever Captain Khan did is now belied by his jihadi father.

            Whatever motivated muslims to save American soldiers (most likely the thought of a monetary reward and help against their own tribal enemies, in other words, self-interest, not altruism) is only anecdotal and has nothing to do with islam’s core doctrines.

            Finally, sura 2:62 and all other “moderate” ones were abrogated.

          • Hey skippy – ignorant moron that you are – ANY verse in a book of theology can be taken out of context to justify hate, ignorance and stupidity – just like YOU and your kind do.
            Now, skippy, the Bible ALSO advocates to kill infidels
            Deuteronomy 17

            If there be found among you, within any of thy gates which the LORD thy God giveth thee, man or woman, that hath wrought wickedness in the sight of the LORD thy God, in transgressing his covenant; 17:3 And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded; 17:4 And it be told thee, and thou hast heard of it, and enquired diligently, and, behold, it be true, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought in Israel; 17:5 Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.
            So, skippy – looks like you DEFINITELY need a brain and some intelligence – because you DEFINITELY lack BOTH.

        • Since ever. One of the requirements is having a good moral character.

          Following a cult where the founder raped 10 year olds and sacked cities and is held up as the pillar of humanity is an automatic dis-qualifier.

          • really?

            Apparently You don’t have the intelligence to know that Muslims have been in this country since before it was formed. You’re THAT stupid and ignorant, aren’t you?

            Ever bother to read or have the intelligence to comprehend the US Constitution?
            Didn’t think so – your kind doesn’t have the IQ necessary nor the education level.

            “Following a cult where the founder raped 10 year olds and sacked cities and is held up as the pillar of humanity is an automatic dis-qualifier.”
            and the so-called Christians who do the same? What do YOU and your band of ignorant bigots call them?

          • I am – highly educated, which is why your kind’s total ignorance LOSES in court. And why it will ALWAYS lose.
            So, just WHY do you support and practice total ignorance and stupidity, as well as bigotry? Is it because your kind doesn’t have the intelligence to read and comprehend the Constitution? Or that you just lack any intelligence period?

          • I’m happy with treasonous unrestrained liberal judicial activism, because it will lead to blood in the streets, which at this point is what needs to happen anyways.

            Don’t worry, maybe when you get older and actually leave your parent’s basement you’ll figure out how the world really works.

          • Poor trollie – I’m 60 and been kicking your ignorant kind’s arse for 30+ years in court.
            btw – haven’t lived with my parent since I graduated from college as an undergrad in the 70s. After internship and law school, + wife and kids, now grandkids – I enjoy watching your kind having the Constitution shoved up your behind – your brain can’t understand it anyway.
            Want to try your ignorance and stupidity again, skippy?

          • A sad condemnation of how worthless law schools are, if true.

            You don’t even know the qualifications necessary for citizenship yet screech about a document you haven’t even read as if you understand it. Sad!

          • and how is one’s religion related to their citizenship?

            “Muslims aren’t American.”
            Ever bother to read and COMPREHEND the 1st Amendment? You’re saying that those who are Muslim are NOT US Citizens?
            Since when?

            You haven’t even read the Constitution because you don’t even have the intelligence to read/comprehend the Constitution, do you?

            Want to try your ignorance and stupidity again, skippy?

          • really? And just WHERE in the US constitution is that?

            Oh, I forgot – you don’t have the INTELLIGENCE to know, do you?

            The Citizenship Clause is the first sentence of Section 1 in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

            1st Amendment of the Constituton – Congress shall make NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            So, just WHERE does it EVER say in the US constitution that Muslims are NOT citizens?
            btw – where in the LAW is RELIGION EVER a requirement for Citizenship?
            Oh, I forgot – you don’t have the intelligence to understand the above do you?
            You and your kind are just that stupid and ignorant.

          • As vile, insulting and wrong as mikey is on most points (surprising for one who claims to be a lawyer), your point on ‘citizenship’ in America gets yourself in trouble.
            Your arm waving all-inclusive comments on ALL muslims is ridiculous. You should be saying Islam!

          • REALLY?

            then WHY, brainless and balless ignorant twit that you are, does the Quern directly see Christ as its major prophet and rever him? why does the Quran talk about the Virgin Birth – that Mary is the ONLY woman called by name?

            Mohammad and the Arabs are descendants of Ishmael, which Islam claims Jesus said by their interpretation of Matthew 21:42-44

            In Islam, Christ (Isa) was a prophet who tried to bring the children of Israel to the worship of One God.
            Again – you’re extremely ignorant.
            Perhaps if you had some intelligence, you wouldn’t be as ignorant and bigoted as you are.
            Then again – your kind isn’t capable of intelligence, are you?
            BTW – were you born this ignorant or did you de-evolve to being this stupid?

  19. Re: “a supposed Muslim plot to conquer the United States:” the Quran is about global conquest.
    Re: “supposed Muslim treachery” Quran & hadiths recommend lying to infidels to advance islam.

    Re: “The author told Triad City Beat in an email: “For my part, this document has been completely overblown and the idea that the [Muslim Brotherhood] has some sort of plan to Islamicize and take over the West is ridiculous in the extreme.” No, it’s all clearly right in there.
    Why would you quote Alison Pargeter, instead of simply posting the document’s talking points?

    Re: ““It’s a little bit scary that they speak of violence and committing murder in open forums,” he (Eric Ellison) said. “I guess we realize that terrorists come in all forms and fashions.”

    Muslims constantly speak of committing violent murder in open forums. People who realize they may have to at some point kill these murderers in self-defense are not murderous “terrorists.”

    Saying “I will kill you for my god!” is a criminal threat.
    Saying “If you try, I may have to kill you!” is a warning.

    Finally, many of Ibrahim Hooper’s CAIR minions are themselves convicted terrorists.

    Next time you want to slander people who want to defend them selves and innocent others, at least try to do some basic research first, eh?


    • and yet you have proven NONE of your ignorant accusations.
      Interesting, and sadly ironic, that intelligent educated people have shown exactly the opposite of your stupidity.

      • Pst! Google is your friend! To find proof of islam being nothing more or less than a global extortion-racket and crime-gang out to violently conquer and enslave the entire world, all you have to do is ask the Internet. That way you won’t be able to accuse me of making it all up.

        On the other hand, simply declaring my valid, fact-based accusations of it to be “ignorant” and “stupid” without actually asking me to prove them, only demonstrates YOUR own stupid preference of remaining ignorant.


        • I depend on established LAW + that of the US Constitution’s 1st and 14th Amendment, not your kind’s total ignorance and bigotry – something you and your band of bigots are proud of showing how stupid you REALLY are.

          BTW – skippy, since you lack any IQ or semblence of intelligence, I would say you do NOT have the comprehension ability to understand the following:

          Effective July 21, 2015, new guidance (PA-2015-001 (PDF)) in the USCIS Policy Manual clarifies the eligibility requirements for modifications to the Oath of Allegiance.

          Reciting the Oath is part of the naturalization process. Candidates for citizenship normally declare that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” and “perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States” when required by the law.

          A candidate may be eligible to exclude these two clauses based on religious training and belief or a conscientious objection. The new guidance clarifies that a candidate:

          May be eligible for modifications based on religious training and belief, or conscientious objection arising from a deeply held moral or ethical code.
          >>>>Is not required to belong to a specific church or religion, follow a particular theology or belief, or to have had religious training in order to qualify.<<<<<<<
          May submit, but is not required to provide, an attestation from a religious or other type of organization, as well as other evidence to establish eligibility.

          Now, skippy – you want to try your total ignorance and stupidity again or keep showing everyone just how much of a total MORON you REALLY are?

          • What does that babbling spew mean? That you think criminal muslims must obey the Constitution because they have to take an oath to do so, or that they aren’t required to take the oath at all, under some sort of religious dispensations?! Or… “both!”?

            First, muslims’ own Qur’an insists their lying fraud of a crime-god wants them to lie to everyone all the time anyway; lying is “holy.”

            Second, islam isn’t a religion, and so isn’t protected by the US Constitutions’ First Amendment Establishment clause.

            Third, the only no-religious-test is for President & VP offices.

          • “Islam isn’t a religion, and so isn’t protected by the US Constitutions’ First Amendment Establishment clause.”
            really? says who? a total ignorant moron like YOU?

            The 3 Abrahamic RELIGIONS are:
            Judaism (seventh century BCE),
            Christianity (first century CE)
            Islam (seventh century CE)

            And since you lack any intelligence – An Abrahamic religion is a religion whose people believe that the Hebrew patriarch Abraham and his descendants hold an important role in human spiritual development.

            Now, you little ignorant twit – the US Constitution IS the law in this country, not ANY religion, much less your totally moronic and ignorant pov.

            And the 1st Amendment NO ESTABLISHED RELIGION applies to ALL CITIZENS in this country.

            Try your stupidity again, skippy – you keep on proving to all just how IGNORANT you REALLY are.
            Maybe that’s why your kind ALWAYS loses in court to us – you’re THAT stupid. – you can’t even read/comprehend the US Constitution –
            But intelligence has NEVER EVER been your strong suit, has it?

            BTW – did you even graduate from grade school? Or were you too mentally impaired to?

          • The non-Establishment clause was designed to make sure no particular CHRISTIAN religion became the only State Religion.

            Further, the First Amendment doesn’t define a “religion.”

            Free speech ENDS at death-threats.

            Ask your self this:

            Are hate-speech death-threats

            (i.e: “Kill the infidels wherever you find them!):

            a) crimes;


            b) protected religious freedom of speech!


            Similarly, is this:


            a) a pathetic criminal alibi which should be ignored;


            b) a perfectly acceptable part of one’s protected religious rights!



            Back over to you, “Skippy!”

          • sorry, brainless and ballless twit

            it’s NO RELIGION whatsoever. period.

            Doesn’t matter WHAT religion it is – NONE.

            Try your ignorance and stupidity again, ball less and brain less twit. You LOVE showing everyone just how stupid and ignorant you REALLY are.

          • Why don’t you piss of with all your personal insults – if your arguments do not stand on their own, your ad hominems do not make them stronger.
            Islam is a religion, a religious ideology, a totalitarian system for all activities, social, legal, political et al https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/74439c8311c8ddb2b26047cd51ae35cd1259110056c5a41f20af4c8873ebbc46.jpg .
            It is founded on lies as are all religions, and was written for the expressed purpose of conquest and control.

          • ” the only no-religious-test is for President & VP offices.”
            wrong – it covers ALL elected OR APPOINTED positions of public trust in the country – ALL – whether it’s federal, state OR LOCAL.
            The 14th Amendment says that the states can NOT EVER make laws that discriminate against its own citizens and citizens of this country and that INCLUDES against someone’s religion.
            Try your ignorance and stupidity again, ball less and brain less twit. You LOVE showing everyone just how stupid and ignorant you REALLY are.

          • Islam isn’t a “religion” (at all, much less one “of Peace!”) nor is “muslim” a “race” (at all, much less one of “Poor Oppressed People Of Color!”). Islam is only the world’s largest and oldest, ongoing extortion-racket CRIME syndicate, which blames a “god” for its holy-mobster “muslim” crime-gang members’ own criminal desires and actions. The only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

            “God told us to commit these crimes!”



  20. Listening to this recording, it seems really clear why Trump’s lies convinced enough of the nation to vote for him: the lack of critical thinking. It’s incredible how this group feeds off each other- one throws out an unsubstantiated claims, and everybody else just seems to eat it up and believe it 100% without any evidence or research. Amazing.

  21. Being armed, having too much idle time on their hands, poor reasoning skills, and being angry by thinking someone else or some other group supposedly out to get them caused their own underachievement is a bad mix.

    And judging from the photo, sometimes age DOES NOT equal wisdom.

  22. “These people start Christian organizations,” Jones continued. “They build churches. They build Christian schools. They work with the conservative right in this country to advance their own agenda. And the conservative right like Trump and Steve Bannon and that ilk, they’re all tied into this church stuff. The church helps them and they help the church.”

    Wait a second….

        • Never heard of Salman Pak, didja? Of course, facts are meaningless to your ilk. Bigots disregard facts. And Sadam was in possession of Sarin & mustard gas.

          Shrub’s lie: “Islam is a great religion of peace.”.

          • We backed the same Saddam in his war with Iran. Then we turned on him to appease the gods of war for no reason. Even Trump knows the truth about the unjust war that eventually led to the formation of ISIS. Silly people like you then reject the truth because it does not suit you. So just go on wearing proudly your badge of lies.

          • Truth: Islam is an autonomous war machine set in motion by Moe in the seventh century for the purpose of financing his survival and that of his family through plunder.

            Its casus beli is not belonging to it. The conditions that precede attack are proximity and weakness.

            I take no stock in Baker, Kissinger, Allbright and the other Machivellian jerks who think “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Unlike them, I understand the ancient Arab proverb popularized by Leon Uris: “Me against my brother”… .

          • So what? You’re describing relatively tiny battles within the war which was declared by Muhammad against all of humanity over 1,400 years ago. So sure, maybe Bush attacked Iraq first, in recent timees, but then again, Iraq is part of the muslim ummah which was conquered and invaded by islam and stolen from Greece Rome and Byzantium first.

            Since islam is always in a state of perpetual offensive aggressive war against all that is not-islam in the world, forever, then it doesn’t really matter if and when we choose to by definition counter-attack them – they, by only their own rules, are ALWAYS guilty of the initial violent aggression, and so are also ALWAYS subject to our just, even if belated, defensive counter-attacking reprisals!

            Get it?

            Attacking any or all of islam’s holy-mobster muslim gangsters anywhere on planet earth, at any time, is NEVER A CRIME!

          • It is under the laws of the USA, Unk. Our regime does not recognize the ongoing war and awards legal protection to citizens and resident aliens even though some of them are enemy combatants.

          • No, Unk. For the sake of clarity: Muslims are engaged in perpetual war against the rest of the human race. Our governments do not recognize that war and are not prosecuting it. For individuals and militias to attempt to prosecute that war, except when immediately under attack, entails criminal penalties.

            Assault, battery, murder, arson and malicious destruction of property are violations of law regardless of the identity of the victim.

          • If someone sneaks into your home, you’re allowed to use violent force (aka “assault” and “batter” them) to effect their removal. If they have been known to previously threaten you and yours with death, there is no legal duty on you to adhere to their time-table and wait for them to initiate any further violent force; they can be killed (not “murdered,” as you put it, since ‘murder’ involves unjustified killings of innocent others). And property destruction is also one’s right (just ask black mayors LOL) including by application of arson, if for instance someone else parks their tank on your front lawn, and further it can be whether or not one does so while feeling any particular emotion (ie ‘malice’) or none at all.

            Government is supposed to be the servant of us individual citizens, (not our master) acting as the largest collectively-owned insurance company. is a great idea if and when it doesn’t compete with (much less pre-empt) private enterprise; it’s OK for the government to buy food to feed the poor, but not to demand that only it is qualified to regulate food growing everywhere, much less to restrict and deny private individuals from growing or stockpiling their own food.

            Same goes for defending every other need: government can defend the country, but not restrict the citizens’ rights to also own and bear their own arms to defend them selves; government can and should enhance private defense, but never replace it!

            Any “laws” to the contrary, are in fact merely ‘legal’ crimes!

          • In home invasion cases, the doctrine of reasonable force applies. Shooting the burglar can get you in front of a judge.

            The Muslim at large, not in your domicile, is not recognized by the government as an invader so an assault on him remains a criminal offense under the law.

            Likewise the mosque is not recognized by the government as a rajab so burning it constitutes arson under the law.

          • You are using the fallacy “argument from Authority” by positing that only what a gang of self-interested politicians say is the real law. I am using logic: Who says one is under any obligation to someone who is attacking you, at all? Proportional force is nonsense! Only the victim is constrained by it: A mugger throws a punch, and you are limited to … what? Merely blocking it? *Maybe* even throwing one (but only one, and it’s force must be carefully gauged by you to be no more than the one they threw first) back at them?!

            Similarly, if a criminal takes a few shots at you with a gun, then runs off – why shouldn’t you shoot them in the back as they flee? You cannot know their intentions (that’d be mind-reading!) So for all you know, their gun jammed or they ran out of bullets, and fully intend to hide behind the nearest parked car to un-jam it or re-load, and then sneak around from behind you to resume shooting and finish you off!

            The point here is: Once they have chosen to break the one and only real “social contract” aka the Golden Rule of Law, to Not Attack FIRST, that contract IS broken, and, having abdicated their responsibility to it, they have also thereby voided their own rights to be protected by it.

            Remember: When someone takes a poke at you or shoots at you, their own chosen intent is what defines their actions as a crime! There is no false civil-law test of whether any damage actually occurred; even if and when someone shoots a gun at you but misses, it’s not a case of “No Harm/No Foul!” but it’s still ATTEMPTED MURDER. Even “only” or merely attempted crimes, are still crimes!

            All you know, is you are faced with someone who HAS already decided to do you harm.

            They obviously aren’t willing to talk it through with you first.

            You therefore cannot any longer trust them – to either limit their physical attack to “mere” battery, or maybe kidnapping, etc – ALL you know is they are criminals intent on harming you!

            Therefore, you cannot be held responsible to guessing the extent of their intentions beyond what they themselves have already demonstrated: they mean to injure you, cause you pain, and destroy your body.

            You may therefore kill them – and it’s not “murder” it’s more along the lines of a just and moral execution, because like all state-sanctioned executions, it occurs after the fact of their having chosen to break the Rule and commit the crime.

          • The fleeing felon rule has sent some law enforcement officers to prison for using excessive force. In some jurisdictions you can shoot an armed hom invader inside the front door but not on the porch or in the yard.

            Mohammad Camel, whether on the sidewalk, in the street, a park or the shopping mall is not the same as the armed robber breaking in your door to plunder your home. Making the first move on him or setting his mosque alight is a felony offense. Paranoia does not generate a self defense alibi.

            Omar Mateeen, before he demonstrated hostile intent, was not fair game under the law. Once he drew his weapon and began firing, that status changed.

          • Well, Muhammad’s islam and its sharia derivatives (notable the Hedaya) recognize “infidel lands” as foreign countries. As such, their clear intent is to make war on and withing them. Since war is criminal assault and attempted murder and mass-theft writ large, the laws regarding the criminal inside the front door apply to any and all “muslims” (hostile foreign combatants) already within your borders.

          • The laws apply to actions, not intentions. Had someone gone to a beer hall in Milwaukee in 1942 and shot some krauts, he’d have been prosecuted.