I might be a millennial —and a 28-year-old white dude who should probably be the prime audience for Pokémon Go at that — but I couldn’t be more disinterested. Yet there’s something about these photos that I love.

Taken at Greensboro’s Bicentennial Gardens, these photographs by Tony Cifani are evocative. They’re a window into a cultural phenomenon that, however fleeting, will be remembered for years to come. Maybe it’s the black and white. Or maybe it’s the contrasting commentary about technology consuming us but also pushing us outdoors and together that I read into it.


For Cifani, the attraction is similar to that of our executive publisher, Brian Clarey: an inter-generational connection.

“I love taking my 12-year-old son out on Pokémon excursions, and it also gives me a great excuse to pursue my love of street photography,” Cifani said.

I still have no interest in Pokémon (though I admit to catching one on my friend’s phone while waiting for our food at a restaurant) but in the words of Rich Homie Quan, Cifani’s photos make me feel “some type of way.”

Check them out:

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