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Remember those inflammatory comments by local Congressional candidate Mark Walker about bombing Mexico that surfaced recently? Though Walker, a Christian pastor from Greensboro, has no power to do so, he may want to reconsider scrambling those fighter jets for a raid across our southern border.

There are a myriad of obvious reasons that his comments, filmed at a talk back in June, maybe don’t form the most well thought out political strategy. But there’s another reason Walker, who is running against Democrat Laura Fjeld, might want to reconsider a blitz: his campaign shirts are imported through Mexico.

According to the tag on a Walker campaign T-shirt obtained by Triad City Beat, the Gildan shirts are made in Haiti and “imported into Mexico by Gildan Activewear Mexico S.A.” The tag lists an address in the Mexican state of Coahuila, a northern state that borders Texas not too far from San Antonio.

Cancun Raffle Fjeld’s campaign and others have hammered Walker for his comments about Mexico, and he later told the News & Record he was joking.

Walker also might want to reconsider starting a war with one of the United States’ allies because his campaign raffled off a vacation in Cancun to raise money right around the same time as his comments on film.

There are plenty of other reasons — a million, maybe — not to bomb Mexico, but as far as Walker is concerned, these two might be a good place to start.

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