I almost can’t believe how great it is. Then again, I’m not surprised.

Seeing a photo of Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan rocking a blond wig — Leslie Knope style — for the big finale of “Parks & Rec” is almost too good to be true. And the fact that it’s a selfie with folks from the city parks department, posted on Instagram, just makes it that much better.

Posted by Chelsea Robinson


The photo was taken at a screening of the finale at Geeksboro earlier this evening.

This is, after all, the same mayor who agreed to lace up ice skates for the first time since third grade, right after being elected, when I told her I wanted to write an unusual, Rolling Stone kind of cover story about her. With the help of her hockey-playing sons, she took to the ice and we skated around together as the backdrop for our interview. Nothing earth-shattering, just highly unusual around here and also cool that she was willing to embarrass herself.

Maybe you don’t agree with the mayor’s position on an issue dear to your heart, or maybe you object to basically everything about her short tenure. But I do hope that, politics aside, you can get the same kick out of this post that I do.

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