by Rebecca Harrelson

Rev. Nelson Johnson, center, who heads the Beloved Community Center.


About 40 community organizers and concerned citizens held a dialogue entitled Police Accountability Community Safety and Healing Initiative” at Genesis Baptist Church in Greensboro yesterday.

Artists for Justice, Beloved Community Center, Ignite NC and Leaders of New Generations were among the organizations represented at the meeting.

A handout was distributed covering several points about police presence and accountability in Greensboro.

“These are the defining elements of Greensboro police culture that forms a pattern of the abuse of power,” the handout read. “Let me hasten to add that this is not the totality of the GPD; there are good men and women doing their job on a daily basis; however this aspect of culture of the GPD is both real and historical and cannot be effectively denied.”

Interim Assistance City Manager Wesley Reid, standing in a suit to the right, next to police spokesperson Susan Danielsen (to his left).


Interim Assistant City Manager Wesley Reid, Human Relations Director Love Crossling and police spokesperson Susan Danielsen all attended the meeting.

The meeting was just the latest in a long series of community attempts, often driven by the Beloved Community Center, to create more police accountability in the city.

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