What, hold on, why are you reading this? Piedmont Together is hosting a huge event with loads of guest speakers today. Stuck at your desk and can’t go? Then the rest of this post won’t help much anyway, but here goes.

José Galvez, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, is speaking at GTCC’s Jamestown campus at noon today. An opening reception for his exhibition, “Aqui Estamos: Here We Are,” will be held today at 4 p.m., but you already know all this because you read Triad City Beat cover to cover.

What you may not know is that GTCC is also hosting a NCReady4Work learning summit today, which started at 8 a.m. The president of the state’s community college system will be there, as well as several local community college presidents, so there’s that.But seriously, check out the schedule for the Piedmont Together conference today and pick at least one thing to go check out. Leave if it sucks, but I have a feeling you’ll be drawn in. This is probably a more productive idea than whatever you were planning to do today, anyway.

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