Well wadddya know, we did it again! The new issue of Triad City Beat is making its way across the Triad right now, and will be posted throughout the morning right here on our site. So cancel your plans, because it’s time to buckle down with your favorite paper.

But seriously, there’s not much happening as far as events go during the day today, and the paper is pretty packed with good reads. We’re prouder of it than your grandmother is of you, and this paper is almost as good looking as you are. So go ahead — treat yourself to it.

Maybe even help convince Stone Brewing to move to the Triad while your at it — pop open a bottle of their brew, take a selfie and tag it, and then enjoy while reading TCB.

Not satisfied? The City of Winston-Salem is holding a “Polo Road/Cherry Street Area Design and Development Workshop” at 10 a.m. today. From the city’s website: “Council Member Denise D. Adams invites citizens to join design professionals to help plan the Polo Road and Cherry Street area.” Click here for details.

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