A Nintendo fan convention and tournament series is coming to downtown Greensboro later this year, according to the event’s website.

In a post put out today, Super FamiCon announced the November event will include panels, cash prizes for competitions, retailers, cosplay and more. Organized by Geeksboro and Mixed Tape Enterprises — of which Joe Scott is the co-owner and creative director, respectively — the convention is expected to draw hundreds of people, Scott said.

These games appeal to a wide variety of people, with a sense of inclusion that many downtown events sorely lack,” he said.

Ticketing information isn’t currently available. The Nov. 19-20 event at the Elm Street Center will be all ages, with separate tournaments for kids and adults.

“Whether it’s through Mario and Pikachu or even lesser-known characters like Kirby or StarFox, Nintendo appeals to a wide variety of young adults and children today on the same, iconic level that characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny did for our parents and grandparents,” Scott says in the press release.

The event is not formally affiliated with Nintendo. Read more here.

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