For his return to television, Jeong wanted to make something like the old sitcoms he used to watch when he was a student at Page: multicam, filmed in front of a live studio audience like “Cheers,” drawing on influences that range from David Letterman to Eddie Murphy to Garry Shandling.

Multicam is like putting on a play every week,” he says, “a poorly rehearsed play with a lot of outtakes. That’s what we do on our show. It’s amazing, and my standup instincts are coming together with my years of doing dozens of movies, that dovetails nicely into a live audience situation where I’m bringing in elements from my standup.

“As a performer, everything is coming full circle” he continues. “It’s pretty beautiful.”

He also co-wrote the pilot, co-produces the series and contributes to the story arc.

“This has really been such a dream come true because I’m involved in every facet of production,” he says. “It’s just really gratifying.”

Jeong still comes back to Greensboro to visit his parents, who are still in town — he was here for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year — and he only missed his 25th reunion at Page because he was filming The Hangover 2. He sent a video to his classmates.

“I had a great time at Page, man,” he says. “I was a nerd, but I was a popular nerd. I’m not succeeding to spite anybody. I was a happy kid. I was very blessed. I grew up in an environment at Page that was very supportive. I approach everything I do exactly the same way I did when I was a senior at Page: You chop wood, you carry water, you do the work, you tune out the noise, whether it’s a kegger or whatever.”


  1. I had the good fortune to spend some time on the set of Community in 2011/2012. When I met Dr. Jeong I remember telling him I was from Winston-Salem and had gone to college at UNC-G. He was so gracious to talk about the Triad, take photos, and share memories of growing up here. I’m so glad that his career continues to flourish!

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