President Barack Obama added a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton after an ESPN interview yesterday at NC A&T University, arguing to a capacity crowd at the White Oak Amphitheater that Clinton is “not just poppin’ off, but working to actually do stuff.”

Obama railed against Donald Trump just a few days after a 2005 tape emerged showing Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it due to his celebrity. You don’t need to be a father or a husband to reject that sort of language and behavior, Obama said: “You just have to be a decent human being to say, ‘That’s not right.'”

Obama repeatedly encouraged people to vote for Senate candidate Deborah Ross, who is running against Republican incumbent Richard Burr, mentioning gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper as “a good man” who “deserves your support” as well.

Protesters repeatedly interrupted Obama’s speech, mostly with allegations about Bill Clinton being a rapist, leading the president to quip at one point that protesters should get their own rally.

In addition to taking jabs at Trump — including a comment about his repeated bankruptcies and another related to Trump’s casino ownership: “They say the house always wins. I don’t know what happened.” — Obama repeatedly stressed Hillary Clinton’s ability to lead. He relayed a story about a time she surprised him with a 12-page, single-spaced report on how to create jobs despite Congressional gridlock, commenting on her temperament and experience.

Obama ended by directing his remarks to young people, including the massive attendance from A&T, Bennett College and UNCG in particular, encouraging them not to fall into the “easy cynicism” that their vote doesn’t matter or that all politicians are the same.

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