The owners of two antique cars left rotting inside the Cascade Saloon pulled them out today.

With a heads up from a friend, I headed downtown Greensboro and found one of the cars, a Jaguar, waiting to be taken away. The other, one of the workers said, had already been taken to “a house.”

A man on site, who confirmed he owns the cars but declined to comment and left immediately when I introduced myself as press, told one of the men working there (in my presence) that he would be selling parts or all of the vehicles.

More photos here, including of the car’s owner (who is presumably Ross Strange, the former building owner):


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The city took ownership of the former Cascade Saloon through eminent domain and recently gave it to Preservation Greensboro along with $175,000 to restore it. The estimated cost to demolish the historic building was $600,000.

Read more about the building through the link below.


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