Greensboro mayoral candidate Devin King, a Republican with the backing of Conservatives for Guilford County, wants you to know that he has something in common with Martin Luther King Jr. Beyond the last name, Devin King vows to “continue the dream” in this campaign banner at the Bessemer Curb Market, though it’s not clear exactly what that dream is.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. did indeed fight against poverty as well as against segregation. But that’s not what the “I Have a Dream” speech is known for, and more importantly, it is unclear where Devin King’s statistics come from.

The High Point/Greensboro metro area is consistently rated among the worst places in the country for food insecurity however, though that stat isn’t referenced here. According to the latest Census, the poverty and household income rates are worse in Greensboro than the state average, but it’s certainly not the worst — again, just look at Winston-Salem. And Fayetteville’s unemployment rate is worse than Greensboro’s. There’s a good chance it’s not alone.


King is running against incumbent Mayor Nancy Vaughan. He made it through the Oct. 6 primary by besting Sal Leone, a perennial candidate, but didn’t exactly garner enough support to be taken seriously by Vaughan.

Apparently Thessa Pickett, who is running against incumbent Jamal Fox in District 2, is involved too, as the center of the banner bears her name.


  1. “though it’s not clear exactly what that dream is.”

    “it is unclear where Devin King’s statistics come from.”

    Eric Ginsburg
    Devin indicates you didn’t reach out for the answers before you ran this post.

    So how is this not just a hit piece?

    • It is astounding beyond belief the lack of awareness that can exist in the mind of the individual who asks this question when he has a history a mile long of character assassination based on falsehoods that he does not bother to validate (too often because they are intentional).

      In a way though, it’s good to know that George Hartzman understands ethics and standards even if he only expects they be adhered to by others while he give himself permission to crawl around in the gutter.

  2. This is typical of Eric Ginsburg. It was Ronda Brown who was responsible for the content of the banner she posted on the front of Her curb market in support of Devin King and Thessa Pickett but being a mercenary working for Nancy Vaughan Eric decided to turn it into a hit piece against Devin without ever calling him.

    Get a job, Eric, you certainly don’t qualify as a journalist.

    • Hilarious, Billy, You and Hartzman are the king and queen of character assassination in Greensboro and now whine like little girls when you think you see someone else employing your tactics. Rather hypocritical and oblivious.

      • Ah, Roch Smith Jr. here you are, hiding like a slug under a rock talking about character assassination going by the name Mama Doon when you know for a fact I provide more documentation for what I write than any other blogger, journalist or writer in Greensboro.

        But unlike Ginsburg, I never claimed to be a journalist.

  3. Eric Ginsburg claims to be a journalist but is unable to separate journalism from activism and an opinion writer. This sort of behavior will ruin him as a journalist. It’s time he decided what he wants to do.

    The problem befalls many young activists when they decide to take the money and run.

  4. The Great citizens of this Gate City should and only should cast their vote for Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan, Nancy has class and unlike Mr.Devin King is not on Public Assistance. The WFMY News 2 candidate discourse only proved and clearly defined that Mr. Devin King has been living on Gilligan’s Island with his question response.
    The answers to citizen questions from Mr. King seemed to even leave Mr. King confused on his clarity and substance and in short Mr. King rambled much like someone with an intellectual disability. The bottom line is when your core representation is the Town Drunk, Village idiot along with Cruella DeVille then your campaign has issues.

    • He has cajones for saying he is on public assistance, something everyone would find out, anyway; and sure, some candidates may not be as well-connected or particularly experienced enough for office as the usual crowd, but they probably wouldn’t wait to publicly address massive disparities until they hit the national news, either.

    • Interesting how we toss around terms like Gate City as if we’re proud of the name when in fact the name dates back to Greensboro’s and possibly North Carolina’s first example of crony capitalism when Governor Motley Morehead of Greensboro arranged to have the newly formed North Carolina Railroad alter its path to come through what was then a one horse town with no more need for a railroad than a thousand other North Carolina towns. Then, at the end of his term as governor, appoint himself as the first President and CEO of the North Carolina Railroad establishing Greensboro’s place as the most corrupt city in North Carolina– a tradition proudly continued by our current leadership.

  5. Well it seems that people are upset, I say vote for Nancy or Devin. Who cares who is on welfare or who is not. Devin is a people person like myself and will hit the street. As per Nancy well she has spent her time hitting the street in the day and has made plenty of friends and paid her dues so she knows people. Nancy Vaughan was not always a Vaughan and spent time building her name so I will not take that from her. The election brings out the worse in people and if Devin wins then great, lets support him, if Nancy wins then lets support her, we will only get places together. Nancy looked great on WFMY and looked 15 years younger and had this energy about her, as per Devin he looked caring and did well for a first time. The people need to simply vote, the people will not let me down because I know most will not. The City of Greensboro is a complaining town so they will not vote because they love crying and I was right about the primary when I said less then 5% and for the General I say 34% or less.

  6. Mr. A. Walle as you use the term, Cajones as an example of bravery of Mr. King telling the world he is on welfare but fail to bring to the surface that he failed as a man, husband and father to provide for his family. Mr. King has not progressed in his life in employment or education but kindly put himself on the welfare books to collect and blame others. Mrs. Nancy Vaughan our Mayor has worked her entire adult life and took care of two kids on her own and as far as I know she was ever on Welfare and that’s is why they are different, one has pride and the other wants for free. So, Mr. Walle, it seems Mrs. Vaughan has bigger cajones then your man.

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