Republican mayoral candidate invokes MLK



Greensboro mayoral candidate Devin King, a Republican with the backing of Conservatives for Guilford County, wants you to know that he has something in common with Martin Luther King Jr. Beyond the last name, Devin King vows to “continue the dream” in this campaign banner at the Bessemer Curb Market, though it’s not clear exactly what that dream is.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. did indeed fight against poverty as well as against segregation. But that’s not what the “I Have a Dream” speech is known for, and more importantly, it is unclear where Devin King’s statistics come from.

The High Point/Greensboro metro area is consistently rated among the worst places in the country for food insecurity however, though that stat isn’t referenced here. According to the latest Census, the poverty and household income rates are worse in Greensboro than the state average, but it’s certainly not the worst — again, just look at Winston-Salem. And Fayetteville’s unemployment rate is worse than Greensboro’s. There’s a good chance it’s not alone.


King is running against incumbent Mayor Nancy Vaughan. He made it through the Oct. 6 primary by besting Sal Leone, a perennial candidate, but didn’t exactly garner enough support to be taken seriously by Vaughan.

Apparently Thessa Pickett, who is running against incumbent Jamal Fox in District 2, is involved too, as the center of the banner bears her name.