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Hundreds of people, primarily students with a strong showing of faculty members, staged a walkout at UNC Greensboro today against budget cuts. We’ll have complete coverage of the protest, as well as planned action at the board of trustees meeting tomorrow morning, soon. For now, here are several photos of the demonstration.

Click here to watch a video of part of student organizer Juan Miranda’s speech: 120219-web-UNCGwalkout-eg3

“It seems to me that the people that run this university forgot a long time ago…who their students are,” Miranda said, referencing rising costs for mostly working-class students. “Today we’re not asking, we’re demanding.”

Click here to watch the end of interior architecture professor Hannah Mendoza’s speech: 120219-web-UNCGwalkout-eg4

“I’m not going to take one more step down the road to dismantling your education, my job, your future, my future and the future of North Carolina and this country,” she told the crowd.

Mendoza said she suggested a walkout three years ago in response to rumblings about budget cuts. The action marked the current peak of rising public student and faculty resistance to budget cuts, a planned $91 million recreation center and the cost of education.

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