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This is hardly an appropriate time to be mocking the International Civil Rights Center & Museum as it gears up for an event honoring Maya Angelou on Friday, but this is too silly for us not to take notice and laugh.

Besides inviting only 18 people, whoever posted the Facebook event announcement for the program accidentally tagged rapper 50 Cent in the name of the museum. It’s been up for more than 24 hours but I guess nobody else has noticed.

As someone who’d probably prefer to remain nameless said, it’s time for someone over there to retake the remedial social media class.

50 Cent, born as Curtis Jackson, has probably been called a poet by some, though others (myself included) would claim that the strongest element of even his best tracks (obviously “If I Can’t” and the more popular “In Da Club”) is the beat rather than the lyrics. 50 Cent was also recently in the news for throwing one of the most embarrassing first pitches that Major League Baseball has ever witnessed.

News of Angelou’s passing and 50 Cent’s pitch did overlap as trends on social media. He is not one of the 18 people invited to attend the Greensboro event.


  1. I believe Maya Angelou would embrace 50 cent and give him her best mentorship. That said, he is no Dave Chappelle.

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