How do you decide what to order when there are, quite literally, more than 100 choices on the menu?

Do you go off the name alone — like carrot cake, pink champagne, or strawberry — or maybe the description — “orange ice cream pop, dreamier than Ryan Gosling,” perhaps? Maybe it’s by trying something new — “Dill Pickle: Do it! You know you wanna J” — or sticking to an old favorite like lime or grape. But just when you think you figured it out, you’ll notice that you can add ice cream to any of the aforementioned snow cones, or you’ll realize there are a variety of popular kids options including several with gummy animals — including dinosaurs and sharks — inside. When you finally step up to the window to order, you’ll see a short list of other specials, too.

Oh, and you can combine two flavors. Or even three.two-snow-cones-at-pelicans-snoballsSnow cones lend themselves to experimentation; shaved ice is an easy base for any syrupy flavor. But Pelican’s SnoBalls on Randleman Road in south Greensboro takes it to the next level, offering marshmallow topping, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sweetened condensed milk and a laundry list of other variations.

Look closely at the awning and you can still see the letters spelling out the name of the former occupant: Urgent Money Service. The building — which has been repainted a bright blue and fitted with electric pink trim and benches, making for a photo-ready experience — looks like it once featured a bank-style drive thru. Now a customized corn hole set sits besides benches along the side of the specialized dessertery.

You wouldn’t know from looking at it, or from the location in a relatively economically depressed part of the city, but Pelican’s is a chain spreading across 10 states, with more locations in North Carolina than any other (yet no others in the Triad cities proper). Just off Interstate 40, it’s within easy striking distance from most parts of the city.

The temperature may have dropped lately, school is back in session and September is upon us, but summer still technically lives on. If you’re not willing to let go for a couple more weeks, pick a flavor or two or three, add some dino gummies and lick your sticky fingers.

There’s still plenty of summer to be had.


Visit Pelican’s SnoBalls seven days a week at 2405 Randleman Road (GSO) or at

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