Alright, yes, this is wildly outdated. But I had trouble believing it and I highly doubt you saw this when it came out (and if you did, you let me down by not sharing it with me).

In a January article called “The Narrow Geography of Grammy Awards,” Richard Florida tracked the concentration of nominations in LA, New York and Nashville. But smaller cities make some surprising appearances in the article, including Greensboro relatively far into the piece for City Lab.

“Nashville far outperforms Los Angeles, with equivalent to 9.2 Grammy nominations per million residents,” it reads. “And three smaller metros — Greensboro, Memphis and Auckland — also top LA, whose 24 nominations translated to 1.9 per million residents.”

It isn’t actually surprising given how the numbers are calculated. Rather than measuring cities with the highest number of Grammy nominees, by ranking cities by the number of nominations per million, smaller cities have a chance to shine.

I am truly terrible at math — journalists seem to have a knack for this trait — and don’t really understand the numbers in Florida’s article. But as one friend said, the most significant thing about this may be that Greensboro is listed without the telltale “NC” qualifier next to it.

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