by Eric Ginsburg


9: The number of total seats on city council.

8: The number of districts state Sen. Trudy Wade sought to create on council, eliminating at-large (citywide) positions. A federal judge temporarily blocked the new state law, keeping the Greensboro election process the same as past years, for now.

7: The number of incumbents who have filed for re-election — Justin Outling, who was appointed to finish Zack Matheny’s term in District 3, and Mike Barber at-large have not yet filed. We’re taking Tony Wilkins, who said he would file on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m., at his word. The six other council members all filed on Monday.

6: The day in October that the primary election is scheduled. The general election will be held Nov. 3.

5: The number of votes each person can cast (one district, three at-large, and one mayoral).

4: The number of years that Wade wants city council terms to last. The current term length is two years.

3: The number of challengers who have filed so far. Former councilwoman Dianne Bellamy-Small is running against Sharon Hightower in District 1, and Thessa Pickett is challenging Jamal Fox in District 2. Brian Hoss filed to run at-large on Tuesday.

2: The number of days that filing has been open as of press time. Filing began on Monday and lasts for two weeks.

1: The number of news sources you need to read for comprehensive election coverage. Visit for continuing updates on candidates, issues and more for the 2015 Greensboro City Council race.

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